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JOBS: Amtrak

Great jobs for young men who aren’t in college and strong young women also!This is Obama money for “infrastructure” the jobs are locatedall over, paid training in Atlanta. This is an awesome opportunity, pleasepass this on. These jobs pay good wages.

Training: You will attend two or three weeks of training at the RailroadEducation & Development Institute in Atlanta , GA. CSX will pay fortravel, lodging and meals as required by collective bargaining agreement.

Track Worker-030702 Job Summary: Work as a member of a crew to installnew railroad track, maintain existing track and right-of-way. Replace orrepair track switches with specific components. Slide and align tie plates.Drill holes through rails for insertion of bolts and tighten or loosenbolts at joints that hold ends or rails together. Correct deviations intrack surface, alignment and gauge Cut rails to specific lengths etc.

  • Pay Rate Entry Rate $19.36/hour Full Rate$21.52/hour Promotional/ Advancement Opportunities: Under Maintenance ofWay Collective Bargaining Agreement, Track Workers may be considered foradvancement or promotion to other positions within the Engineering Departmentif qualified.
  • Machine Operator $23.25 – $24.81/hour
  • Welder Helper $21.93/hour
  • Bridge Tender $21.93/hour
  • Bridge Mechanic $22.65/hour
  • Foreman $22.71 – $25.53/hour
  • Track Inspector $23.98 – $25.14/hour

Qualifications:High School diploma/GED;18 years of age or older; Valid Driver’s License

At CSX, two of the company’s core values are People Make The Differenceand Safety Is A Way of Life. We are committed to offering our team membersthe most competitive compensation and benefits package available, unlimitedopportunities for development and growth throughout an exciting and rewardingcareer, and the safest work environment possible. CSX is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer that supports diversity in the workplace.

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