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The Oakland Youth Commission is looking for applicants to fill immediatevacancies on the Commission. The Oakland Youth Advisory Commission is a groupof young people ages 13 to 21 who are appointed by the Mayor and City Councilto advise city officials on important youth issues and to ensure youthrepresentation in the legislative process.  The purpose of the Commission isto identify the needs of youth between the ages of thirteen (13) to twenty-one(21) and create citizen awareness of such needs.  The Youth Commission empowersyouth to enter the public policy arena by tackling issues important to youthlike education, violence, safety, the environment, health and entertainment. There is a small stipend that will cover transportation costs to and frommeetings and events.

Please share with others and post on your list serves aswell.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me atanytime.  Sorry for any duplicate emails.  Have a great year!

OYAC Application 2012 – 2013


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Chantal Reynolds

150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza #4211

Oakland, CA 94612

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