This is a friendly reminder that there are about 3 weeks left to apply to participate in an Afterschool for All workgroup for 2012-2013.

If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, more information is below.



The Afterschool for All Initiative is overseen by the Afterschool for All Advisory Council, a body composed of city, school district, and community partners.  The Advisory Council guides the current effort to build a citywide infrastructure to support afterschool programs. For more information, go to http://sfafterschoolforall.blogspot.com.


The Advisory Council has used work groups of volunteers to move its work forward and ensure a broad group of voices are represented. These work groups help guide the building of a citywide infrastructure to support out-of-school time programs by: Implementing projects and tasks that promote accessible, quality afterschool programs Brainstorming, analyzing information, and sharing experiences to help create short- and long-term solutions to out of school time challenges in San Francisco

There is no specific skill set or knowledge that you need to participate in a work group, but each work group member is asked to commit about 3 hours per month between September and May to the work group’s efforts (about 2 hours for a work group meeting and the remaining time for independent or other tasks).  For four years, most individuals who participate in work groups have rated their experience as highly valuable to them as individuals as well as to the growth and development of their programs and organizations.


The three work groups for 2012-13 will be:


Summer Work Group

Chairs: Jessie Mandle, DCYF and Yashica Crawford, SFUSD

Objectives: Collect data to track current access to summer programs citywide and public and private resources supporting summer programs

·         Develop policy recommendations and citywide tools to enhance the quality of and access to summer programs


Core Competency Outreach Work Group

Chairs: Dee Hayden, Support for Families and Simon Lee, GLO


·         Disseminate and raise awareness of the AFA core competencies for OST staff to at least 10 venues

·         Develop policy recommendations to public funders related to the AFA core competencies


Financial Sustainability Work Group

Chairs: Sandra Naughton, DCYF, and Natasha Hoehn, Silver Giving Foundation


·         Develop policy recommendations for supporting sustainable afterschool programs, including maximizing public resources and exploring family co-pays

·         Recommend cost-saving, efficient strategies to SFUSD and City agencies around facility use, bulk purchasing, and other related expenditures


Have questions about the work groups? Send them to mhopson@dcyf.org or call (415) 934-4839.



The workgroup application is online at this link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5Z9TLLJ


The deadline for completing a workgroup application is: Wednesday, September 5, 2012.

You can expect to be informed about workgroup selections by: Thursday, September 21, 2012.


Please feel free to forward this email and application link to anyone you think may be interested.

Thanks for applying!




Melanie Hopson

Child Care Planning & Advisory Council

Afterschool for All Advisory Council

Summer Learning Network

1390 Market Street, Suite 900

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: 415.934.4839

Fax: 415.554.8965

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