When and Where?

Tuesday, August 14, 11 am-1pm

Maxine Hall Health Center, 1301 Pierce Street, SF


Sergio Romo, Giants Pitcher

Renel Brooks-Moon, San Francisco Giants Announcer

Dr. Michael Lenoir, KPFA Radio Show Host

Mariah Bianchi, Community Health Advocate

Carolyn Bradner Jasik, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF

Dr. James Watt, California Department of Public Health

Andrew Resignato, SFIC Director


  • Remind parents that children need immunizations to attend school and prevent disease outbreaks in San Francisco.
  • Raise awareness about the need for African-Americans to be immunized as their immunization rates trail the general San Francisco population.
  • Highlight other disparities in health and identify ways to close those disparities in the community.

This community event is an annual tradition of the San Francisco Immmunization Coalition and our community partner the San Francisco Giants so come join us!

For more information visit: www.SFimmunize.org


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