Dear Community Partners:

I would like to officially invite all of you to our first “Speak Your Peace” Open Mic. It will take place at the the Excelsior Community Center, located on at 4468 Mission St. (cross Excelsior) on August 10th, 2012.

The youth of BHNC’s Movements Program have been working very hard over the past 4 weeks to create a safe space for they’re peers to take the floor and speak their peace. They have been having dialogue and generating writing about, family issues, violence in their community, their idea of the “American Dream” as well as Power and Empowerment of their community, and are excited for the youth in their community to come together and join in on their process.

I have attached the flyer to this email and if you have any youth that would like to participate, please send me their names in reply to this email or they can sign up the day of as well. But, if you can send us the names of some of the youth that would be great! So we can get a better feel for the flow of the event.

In Solidarity and with Love, —

Leah Weitz

Youth Development and Empowerment Coordinator

515 Cortland Ave

San Francisco, CA 94110


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