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A couple of weeks ago I sent most of the South Bay folks an email about the Family Album Project and wanted to tell the rest of you about it as well as share my experience with them.

The Family Album Project is a non-profit organization, currently soliciting their 501(c)3, founder and run by Virginia Becker and her husband Albert.  There are two major goals of the project; one being to provide high quality portrait photos to those folks that would otherwise not be able to get them, and two, to keep printed photos alive in this digital age.  Virginia especially has a passion for the “at-risk” community, although she has worked with seniors, orphans, shut-ins, as well as battered women and their children.

Virginia could not have been easier to work with or more pleasant.  She takes care of almost everything and all I had to do was fill the time slots and be on-site for the event.  Basically the way it works is that you contact Virginia to select a date, I chose a Sunday, but if she is available she is also will to do a weekday afternoon/evening.  Virginia will then send you a flyer that you can use to publicize the event.  Events typically run four hours and with two hours before for set-up and one hour afterwards for takedown.  Virginia has a wonderful way of working with her subjects, even the more difficult ones such as myself.

After their photo session each family walks away with at least one professionally printed 5”x7” photo in a nice cardboard frame.  Residents also can choose to have their photo published on The Family Album Project’s website where they can download, email, their photos or share them on Facebook.  All of this is provided free of charge to the residents and the property.

The Family Album Project’s website is:  Their contact information is also on the website.  You can also see the photos from the shoot at San Clemente now on their website.

I believe that David Kim is also having The Family Album Project at Elena Gardens on Tuesday, so maybe David could share his experience after Tuesday.

Let me know if you have any questions or have left anything out.

Michael Irvine

Resource Coordinator

Shelter Hill, San Clemente Place, Drake’s Way

Phone: (415) 578-0324

Fax:    (415) 295-8987

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