Dear Second Chance community partner,


Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (LCCR) will hold its next Second Chance Legal Clinic on Tuesday, June 26th at 6 pm at the West Bay Community Center, 1290 Fillmore Street, next door to our partner, Mo’MAGIC. Clients should call 415-814-7610 to sign up.


As you know, the Second Chance Legal Clinic assists people with criminal records in removing the legal barriers to reentry. At the clinic, individuals with prior arrests or convictions can receive advice in the areas of employment, housing, driver’s license suspensions, occupational licenses, criminal record expungement, and criminal background checks. If you know people who may be interested in our services, please have them call our hotline, 415-814-7610, to sign up for the clinic. I have attached our flyer with more details.


If you have any questions about our services, feel free to call me directly at 415-543-9444, ext. 220.


Thank you for helping us to spread the word!

LCCR Second Chance Legal Clinic Flyer


Best regards,


Roxanne Dominguez-Shell

Second Chance Legal Clinic Coordinator

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights


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