Dear OST Grantee:

Summertime matters in the lives of children and youth! Below is a reminder about the upcoming Summer Resource Fair and National Summer Learning Day on June 21.


Mini Summer Resource Fair for staff responsible for summer program development – April 13

We know that as fantastic summer program planners you are working hard to create a summer program for your young people that will be both fun and educational.  To aid your planning, the San Francisco Summer Learning Network is hosting a Mini Summer Resource Fair between 11:30am-1:30pm on Friday April 13th.


We encourage you to stop by the Resource Fair because let’s face it- you can either spend many hours doing research and phone calls on your own, OR you can show up to the Summer Resource Fair and secure loads of resources IN PERSON in ONE HOUR!   There will be representation from museums, outdoor opportunities, library resources, and the arts.


To register to attend the April 13th Mini Resource Fair:  all you have to do is email Melanie at   If you have questions, email Melanie at or call 415.934.4839.


Summer Learning Day

Summer Learning Day is a national awareness day to highlight the importance of summertime programs and services. It is a chance to showcase your work in your community and generate increased support for summer learning in San Francisco and nationwide.

DCYF requires that all summer grantees host a Summer Learning Day event during the week of June 21, 2012, as a way to build awareness about the critical need for comprehensive summer programs.

What are examples of Summer Learning Day Events?

Ø  Hold a community open house

Ø  Invite your Board of Directors to tour your program

Ø  Host a guest speaker or panel discussion about summer learning

Ø  Ask local leaders to visit during program hours

Ø  Reach out to nearby summer programs and hold a learning fair or rally

Ø  For more ideas, check out the Summer Learning Day website:


Don’t forget to register your event to connect with more resources, and enter a drawing to win prizes for your organization:

Finally, DCYF can attend your Summer Learning Day Event!  Please send us the details, if you’d like to have DCYF staff attend.


If you have questions or ideas, please contact your DCYF Program Officer or Jessie Mandle at Please share the attached Summer Learning Day materials with your program staff. Thank you for all of your ongoing summertime efforts!

SLD 2012 letter to grantees

Summer Learning Day Flyer 2012

Summer Learning Day Poster 2012



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