2604 Food Service Worker

(Information Purposes Only)

Recruitment #IFO-2604-058143

Department:                             Public Health

 Analyst:                                    Hadas Desta

 Date Opened:                           6/15/2012 8:00:00 AM

 Filing Deadline:                       6/22/2012 5:00:00 PM

 Salary:                                       $36,166.00 – $43,836.00/year

 Job Type:                                  Information Purposes Only

Employment Type:                  Full-Time Part-Time







MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 AT 8:00 A.M. TO WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2012 5:00 P.M. ONLY

General Description:

Under supervision the Food Service Worker is responsible for a variety of duties involving the preparation, serving and storing of foods in an institutional kitchen and/or dining area.  Essential functions include: receiving, storing and taking inventory of food and supply items; setting up food trays according to patients’ menus; preparing formulas for tube feedings of critically ill patients; delivering patient meals; maintaining department sanitation by washing, sanitizing and scrubbing commercial kitchen utensils and cooking ware; cleaning work and dining areas; and acting as cashier for the purchase of meals by the general public in the dining area.  The Food Service Worker also performs related duties as required.

Nature of Positions:

Positions are located at San Francisco General Hospital Medical and Trauma Center, a large acute care teaching hospital which provides a Level I Trauma Center for the City and County of San Francisco and offers a comprehensive range of inpatient, ambulatory, skilled nursing, rehabilitative and community oriented programs and is affiliated with the University of California – San Francisco; and at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, a facility providing skilled nursing with a geriatric focus, Hospice Unit, AIDS Unit, Acute and SNF rehabilitation, and Acute Medical Services.  Both hospitals operate on a twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week basis.  The basic workweek is a 5-day week of 40 hours.  A shift differential is paid for work performed after 5:00 p.m. or prior to 7:00 a.m.  Employees may be assigned to any shift, which may require working evenings, weekends and holidays.

Special Working Conditions:  Positions may require exposure to extreme temperatures; strenuous lifting of 60 lbs. or more; exposure to patients who have a variety of illnesses; working in enclosed, hot or damp areas; working with hazardous materials such as strong chemicals used in cleaning; and working in a stressful environment.

The probationary period will be used to evaluate physical/manual abilities and willingness to perform all duties and tasks inherent in the position.  Failure to perform these tasks will be grounds for termination of employment from the position.


1.  Possession of six (6) months of verifiable food handling experience in the food service or related industry as a food service worker, kitchen helper, waiter, busboy, or similar position; OR

2.  Completion of twelve (12) semester units or equivalent credits in Food Service, Culinary Arts, Dietetics and/or Nutrition.


How to Apply:

Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are being accepted through an online process and will be accepted fromMonday, June 25, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. through Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. ONLY.

Another class 2604 Food Service Worker Announcement (CBT-2604-059072) will open on Monday, June 25, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. to accept applications.

Computer kiosks are available for the public (from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) to file online applications in the lobby of the Department of Human Resources at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor, San Francisco.

Applicants may be contacted by email about this announcement and, therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure that their registered email address is accurate and kept up-to-date.  Also, applicants must ensure that email from CCSF is not blocked on their computer by a spam filter.  To prevent blocking, applicants should set up their email to accept CCSF mail from the following addresses (@sfgov.org, @sfdpw.org, @sfport.com, @flysfo.com, @sfwater.org, @sfdph.org, @asianart.org, @sfmta.com).

Applicants will receive a confirmation email that their online application has been received in response to every announcement for which they file.  Applicants should retain this confirmation email for their records.  Failure to receive this email means that the online application was not submitted or received.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment or application process, please contact the examination analyst, Hadas Desta at 206-5424 or via email at Hadas.Desta@sfdph.org.


Applicants must submit verification documents, when requested, via email to Hadas.Desta@sfdph.org or regular mail to: Department of Public Health, Merit Systems Division, Attn: Class 2604 Food Service Worker, 2789 25th Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110.

Verification of education, licensure or certification: Verification (proof) of education, licensure and/or certification, when requested, must be submitted. Applicants must submit a photocopy of their degree and/or transcript from an accredited college as proof of qualifying education.  Failure to submit the required verification of education when requested may result in rejection of the application.

Verification of Experience: Verification of all experience needed to qualify must be on the employer’s letterhead indicating the name of the applicant, job title, duties, hours per week with dates of service and must be signed by the supervisor or an appropriate representative.  City employees do not need to submit verification of qualifying City work experience if experience gained is from the class which appointed.  Credit for experience obtained outside of the employee’s class will only be allowed if recorded in accordance with the provisions of Civil Service Commission Rules.  City employees relying upon qualifying work experience gained outside the City and County of San Francisco must submit written verification of such experience as described above. Verification of experience may be waived if impossible to obtain.  Waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The applicant must submit a signed statement with the application explaining why verification cannot be obtained.  Failure to submit the required verification or request for a waiver in a timely manner may result in rejection of the application.


Training and Experience Evaluation:                                                   Weight: 100%

The training and experience of candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be evaluated through a review of their application, verification documentation, and a Supplemental Questionnaire to measure their relative knowledge, skills, and abilities in job-related areas which may include but not be limited to a practical working knowledge of kitchen and cafeteria operations; knowledge of food preparation and presentation, inventory control, cleaning operations and use of power tools; and the ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions and cooperate with other workers.

Certification Rule:

The Rule of Three Scores will be the certification rule used for this eligible list.  The names of qualified candidates will be placed on the eligible list in rank order according to the final score.


Departments may utilize additional selection procedures to make final hiring decisions.

Certifications and registrations must be kept current throughout the length of employment. Failure to demonstrate/show proof of this may result in termination of employment.

Make sure your application and any attachments to the application submitted at the time of filing are complete and accurate and include details on all experience, education, training and other information that qualifies you for this recruitment. Failure to submit a complete and accurate application at the time of filing may result in your ineligibility for this recruitment or inability to receive full credit for scoring purposes. Any new information concerning work experience, education, training and other information that is submitted after the filing deadline may not be used for scoring or considered to determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

All work experience, education, training and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your application by the filing deadline.  Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility, disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

Reasonable Accommodation Request:

Information on requesting reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities can be found at:


Veteran Preference:

Information regarding requests for veterans preference can be found at:http://www.sfdhr.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=1595

General Information concerning City and County of San Francisco Employment Policies and Procedures:

Important Employment Information for the City and County of San Francisco can be obtained athttp://www.sfdhr.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=1709 or via paper copy at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 4th Floor, San Francisco.

Terms of Announcement:http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=20#announcementsdefinitions

Applicants must be guided solely by the provisions of this announcement including, requirements, time periods and other particulars, except when superseded by federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations. Clerical errors may be corrected by posting the correction on the Department of Human Resources website at:www.jobaps.com/sf.

Eligible List: The eligible list resulting from this examination is subject to change after adoption (e.g., as a result of appeals), as directed by the Human Resources Director or the Civil Service Commission.

The duration of the eligible list resulting from this examination process will be 6 months, and may be extended with the approval of the Human Resources Director.

Copies of Application Documents:http://www.sfdhr.org/index.aspx?page=20#copies

Applicants are encouraged to keep copies of all documents submitted. Submitted documents become a permanent part of the exam records and will not be returned. The hiring department may require applicants to submit the same documents and/or additional documents at a later date.


Right to Work:


All persons entering the City and County of San Francisco workforce are required to provide verification of authorization to work in the United States.

Medical Examination:

Prior to appointment, at the Department’s expense, applicants may be required to take a TB screening test, and a medical examination.

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