My name is Kim Glanville and I would like to announce and invite you to this years FILLMORE JUNETEENTH FESTIVAL HEALING POETRY Event!  Although this event is open to the greater Bay Area it is so important to have the Fillmore Community in attendance.  In this email you can find event information, flyer, simple options in ways that you can support, as well as a tid bit about why it has been decided to have this fundraiser in the Fillmore.  I know we are busy and maxed in capacity in most cases but please take the time to read through this outreach email.

June 16th, 2012 @ Rasselas Jazz club – 7:00 pm doors open  $10.00 Pre-Sale  – $15.00 Door  Fundraiser for Youth Healing Initiatives  POETRY | MUSIC | DANCE | FOOD | FULL BAR

WHAT IS IT? Healing Poetree TRIBUTE TO LIBERATION and “The Great Migration” – The Junteenth Healing Poetree Show will raise money towards Youth Initiatives.  We welcome you to this years liberation Party!   Junteenth is a U.S. holiday honoring African American heritage by commemorating the announcement of the abolition of Slavery.  Come to receive Rhythm and Poetry intentionally set to heal and remind us of our Mountaintops, Kingdoms and Queendoms. Through each person on the stage the audience can take a journey in poetry and music to face the challenge of gaining liberation and the joy of overcoming the barriers.

PURPOSE: As a bay area community servant over the last 10 years I have invested in the transformational development of young people.  Summer of 2012 there was a tragic loss of a young man that I supported and had love for in 5 of those 10 years through my work at the Seven Tepees Youth Program.  The loss of this young man shifted my paradigm of what youth development looks like and I am now organizing a Bay Area Youth Healing Consortium (out of my own pocket, through my own dreams of progress, and the guidance of a greater power).  Throughout my own time to mourn and healing process there was great reflection on the work done and the wonderful work that has already been done in our communities.  When it came time to put this show together I made a commitment to the Fillmore because the community of the Fillmore was his home.

For all the young people taken from us in light of our humanity and the journey of seeking peace I dedicate this effort for youth Healing Initiatives across the Bay to Sean E. Wilson 1991-2011 – We shall overcome with what comes after sorrow, Healing and Liberation” – K. Glanville

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT (please email me for any materials or info – Kim Glanville – (510) 863-0726/email: Posting The Flyer under the events/announcements/calendar/community section of your website Advance Ticket purchases Have Large Flyer delivered to you for posting in your establishment, organization, or store Invite friends, family, and community members to the Facebook even page



Mona Webb  Slammaster and host of San Francisco’s The City Poetry Slam and Experimental Mic she has worked at The ShePeople’s, studied at Southern University, Supports Youth Healing and Arts in the Bay Area and is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Check her out at

Klassic  Youth Advocate with Striving For a Better Tomorrow and Poet From Sacramento to San Francisco…

Tongo    Educator, Artist, Revolutionary and Author of Ton-gó-gar-a (Book available on also Also Available at Marcus Books:1712 Fillmore St. @Post St., San Francisco)

Howard Johnson Jr.    10 years an Educator while loving life as a Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director. Find his work in film PIG HUNT (available on DVD), Season 1 of TRAUMA, and season 6 of NASH BRIDGES..  Check him out at:

PROCEEDS: The Junteenth Healing Poetree Show will raise money towards these two parts:

1. Bay Area Youth Healing Consortium: A 3day Healing Session for Bay area youth to address and confront culture class and self esteem in a personal way with opportunities to build alternative methods to personal growth and wisdom. (The fundraising segment is now underway and coordination continues through summer 2012)

2. Mo Magic’s Fillmore Youth Library: A youth community organization, Mo Magic, needs to purchase books for youth of the Fillmore for their community library initiative. Funds will directly purchase books for youth!    S.F. Fillmore JUNETEENTH FESTIVAL 2012 INFO:




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