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Serving San Francisco and Marin since 1978 the YWCA San Francisco & Marin (YWCA) is seeking an Executive Director who has heart and passion for its mission. YWCA serves 2 million women and girls in the United States, and 25 million women worldwide in over 100 countries. YWCA helps women, girls and families live their fullest potential. YWCA continues to be a pioneer in race relations, labor union representation, and women’s health initiatives. It is a valuable resource for individuals and families in San Francisco and Marin. http://www.ywcasf-marin.org/

YWCA is seeking a person who will:

*    Provide leadership to the Board, staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders in implementing the vision and mission of the YWCA San Francisco & Marin. *    Work with the Board to maintain and increase success in all aspects of fundraising. *    Ensure the continued financial health of the organization by providing sound fiscal management. *    Represent the organization, maintaining and building relationships with volunteers, grantees, sponsors, donors and other key stakeholders. In essence become the *face* of YWCA. *    Lead a multi-faceted agency with offices in San Francisco and Marin with programs unique to the culture of the community. *    Oversee a diverse staff and maintain excellence at the YWCA Apartments in San Francisco providing HUD affordable housing, counseling and support in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Russian to approximately 120 seniors and people with disabilities.

Mission: Empower women and eliminate racism.

JOB DESCRIPTION – Specific Duties include:

Leadership *    Provide the vision for continued success, leveraging the work of the YWCA in establishing its place as a social justice organization. *    Collaborate with the Board to ensure the organization has a long-range plan that advances the achievement of our mission. *    Explore, evaluate, and recommend activities and policies that will promote the goals of the organization.

Board of Directors *    Assist the Board Development Committee with identifying, prioritizing, recruiting, training and supporting new board members. *    Present timely and accurate information to the Board about the status of agreed upon objectives, finances, staffing, volunteers and other relevant issues.

Programs *    Build excellence and expand the depth of the FiftyPlus Employment Support Program. *    Engage the YWCA community in a compelling advocacy and outreach program and resulting in support and enhancement of YWCA*s program goals.

Fund Development *    Support and partner with the Board in developing and implementing fundraising strategies and activities that engage the community. *    Cultivate, solicit, and steward major individual, foundation and corporate donors to ensure development of a stable and growing fund base. *    Strengthen the fundraising infrastructure, including the database, donation policies and procedures, and financial reconciliation.

Community Relations *    Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with appropriate community and government agencies. *    Publicize relevant activities and programs; act as primary media spokesperson. *    Participate in community-based organizing efforts to further organizational mission.

Financial Management *    Collaborate with the Board on budget preparation and monitor spending to ensure the organization operates within approved financial guidelines. *    Ensure compliance with all relevant legal and fiscal practices of a non-profit corporation.

Staff Management *    Maintain a positive working environment that motivates and encourages staff to participate fully in the mission of the organization. *    Recruit and select staff members as needed; provide supervision, training and direction; ensure compliance with laws and regulations. *    Support the needs and culture of a skilled staff in Marin, and in San Fran cisco whose primary language is Chinese.

Volunteer Management *    Provide supervision, direction, and ensure good will and enthusiasm continue. *    Retain and recognize volunteers; grow the volunteer base as the organization grows.   Qualifications *    Must have a passion for the programs of the YWCA, be a visionary with a growth orientation. *    Demonstrated organizational, operational and financial acumen and the ability to communicate accurate and timely information to the Board of Directors. *    Professional nonprofit leadership experience. *    Demonstrated strategist and a good planner who can create a roadmap and follow it. *    Excellent communication skills including an ability to elicit trust and commitment from the Board, staff, volunteers and the community. *    Interest, experience and aptitude in both the internal (organizational) and external (community) components of leadership of a community-based, nonprofit organization. *    Proven ability to forge a strong collaborative community and business relationships, and effectively promote YWCA*s value to the community. *    Demonstrated ability to motivate and bring people together toward a common vision and goal. *    Experience working on or for a Board of Directors. *    Ability to engage, manage, lead and provide support and mentoring to staff and volunteers. *    Demonstrated success as a fearless fundraiser including writing successful grants, raising funds from individual donors as well as success in creating fee-for-service earned income. *    Computer-proficient. *    Exceptional interpersonal skills; self-motivated; highly organized. *    Highest professionalism and unquestioned integrity. *    Professional, dynamic, confident, warm and charismatic demeanor with a sense of humor. *    Knowledge and familiarity with the Marin community a plus. *    Experience dealing with apartment or low-income housing management is a plus.

The right person will find the position as Executive Director for YWCA highly rewarding. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

This Search is being conducted by Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership Transition Services

To be considered as an applicant:

*    Email Resume and Cover Letter in two separate documents in confidence to: TransitionServices@cvnl.org *    Please include in your resume your LinkedIn profile link url, and all previous employer*s URLs. *    Please put *[Last name] YWCA Executive Director Search* in the Subject line. *    All attachments MUST be in .doc or .pdf format. *    Resumes and cover letters must be received by May 30, 2012.

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