Hello Summer Learning Network Steering Committee Members-

I hope you are all well. To review, at the last Steering Committee meeting it was determined that there is not enough time to do a full-fledged conference for summer program planners (previously held in March), so the committee decided that a good solution would be to offer 2-3 workshops on summer planning, and also host a resource fair during one of those workshops.

So below and attached, please find the copy for an email that it is hoped all of you can forward to your various networks and connections– especially staff who would be responsible for program planning. (A separate May conference for summer program line staff is in the works, and your valuable ideas will soon be sought out for that event)

Thanks very much,


Attention: Staff responsible for summer program development

FREE Summer Program Planning Workshop- April 13 or April 19

We are excited to announce that San Francisco’s Summer Learning Network is offering resources and training that will enhance the learning aspects of summer programs.

The Summer Program Planning Workshop is specifically aimed at program staff responsible for planning summer programs, because we know that you are already hard at work envisioning and planning for June.

The SAME content is being offered on both Friday April 13th and Thursday April 19th. You can sign up for EITHER of the dates- but don’t sign up for BOTH.

Mini Summer Resource Fair- April 13

As a BONUS on April 13th, a Mini Summer Resource Fair is also being offered between 11:30am-1:30pm. (Those who are in the April 13th Program Planning Workshop will have time in-between 12:30-1:30pm to browse the resources) You can either do all kinds of research and phone calls on your own, OR you can show up to the Summer Resource Fair and secure loads of resources IN PERSON.

See the attached flyer for more information.

To register for the April 13th workshop:
To register for the April 19th workshop:

To register to attend the April 13th Mini Resource Fair:

Email Melanie at mhopson@dcyf.org

If you have questions, email Melanie at mhopson@dcyf.org or call 415.934.4839.

What is the Summer Learning Network?

The Summer Learning Network is a citywide network facilitated by the city’s Department of Children, Youth and Their Families (DCYF), which includes the San Francisco Unified School District, and more than 60 providers of summer learning programs.

The Summer Learning Network facilitates connecting summer youth programs with enrichments that help young people’s minds grow and thrive, as well as promoting reading, exercise and healthy eating. “Summer Learning Loss” is a well-known concern for low-income students who are likely to have less active summers, while their more privileged peers benefit from travel, summer camps, outings to museums and events, athletic pursuits and more. Socioeconomically advantaged students tend to gain or at least hold steady academically during summer vacation, while low-income students tend to slide back. This summer setback accounts for a significant portion of the achievement gap that limits the horizons of disadvantaged young people. Did you know?

· Students who aren’t engaged in any summer enrichment lose about 2 months worth of academics.

· This summer learning loss accounts for over half the achievement gap between middle class and disadvantaged children.

· Children now gain weight over the summer due to lack of exercise and healthy foods.

The Network was started in the summer of 2010 (by New Day for Learning) in order to expand and improve enriched summer learning opportunities for all children across the City. This is a perfect example of how everyone — not just schools — can contribute to the success and well-being of our students.

Flyer April Summer Planning Workshops


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