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EdRev 2012: Hear the Student Voice!

SAFE members Lillian Van Cleve and Owen Keith recently had an opinion piece published in the San Francisco Chronicle!

Medication is not a way for ADHD kids to cheat

We are students living with learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We disagree with the “Abuse of ADHD drugs creates uneven playing field” (Open Forum, March 16), which compared ADHD medication with performance-enhancing steroids in sports and asked: “Is ADHD (medication) use cheating as well?”

While the author rightly criticizes student use of any stimulant or ADHD drug by those who are not diagnosed with ADHD to enhance their performance, and points out that the drugs don’t work unless one has ADHD, she suggests that drug use even by those diagnosed with ADHD somehow gives an unfair advantage.


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