“Inspiring By Example”

Apply Now for Center for America Funding for

Student Teams to Produce Short Videos

Do you know students who have stories to tell

about how Career & Technical Education

provides life-changing benefits and opportunities?

Deadline for Applications: March 23, 2012

Millions of young people across America, including school drop-outs, do not know about the life-changing benefits they can gain from career and technical education programs such as the ones your school offers.

CFA is launching a national communications campaign to inform these young people about career and technical education and to motivate them to explore opportunities in their communities to enroll.

CFA is inviting current career and technical education student teams to produce short videos that, in their own voices and style, tell their own stories about how they are benefiting from the programs in which they are enrolled. Young people sometimes listen more attentively to other young people who face similar concerns, doubts and adversity in life.

A panel of students and educators convened by CFA will select the best of the videos submitted to feature in the CFA campaign. CFA will share these videos with schools, nonprofit organizations, social media and the news media all over the country, seeking to publicize them as widely as possible. The goal is to have them seen by millions of young people — students and drop-outs — so that kids hear from “people like me” why they should explore career and technical education.

From among the applications received, CFA will select teams to receive funding to cover out-of-pocket costs related to producing the videos.

Please contact Karen Kaplowitz, CFA Vice President, atkkaplowitz@newellis.com or 888-890-4240 to talk about this invitation or let us know a convenient time to call you.

The Association for Career and Technical Education, (ACTE), and WoodLINKS USA are two of more than 40 companies, unions, trade associations and educational groups which have endorsed and are supporting the CFA 10 By 20 Skills Campaign. CFA is committed to spreading the word about the value of vocational, career and technical education to many students, including at-risk youth in America who are not aware of the vocational training and counseling options available to them in their local communities.


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