Mission Asset Fund is conducting a study on Financial Wellness in low-income communitiesin San Franciscoand we need your help to find individuals to participate in the study. We arelooking for people to take a 15 minute survey. Ideally, we are looking for lowincome individuals that have a checking account and either a SSN or an ITIN.Our surveys are available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

We are available to make short presentations to groups and/or we can come tofood pantries, tax prep sites, etc. And, of course there is a $200 raffle prizefor those who complete the survey!

Attached are some flyers. The phone number on the flyer is for individuals tocontact us directly. If anyone you know would like MAF to do a presentation,they can contact me directly, to schedule a time.

Thank you!!

Evaluation Outreach English
Evaluation Outreach Spanish
Survey Postcard English
Survey Postcard Spanish

Cheryl Timoney, Programs Director
M I S S I O N A S S E T F U N D | 2301 Mission St. Suite 303,SF CA 94110
T: 415.839.5085 | F:415.738.2088 | MissionAssetFund.org


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