IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants who previously applied for 2708 CustodianMUST REAPPLY in order to be considered for future vacancies.

City and County of San Francisco – San Francisco Airport Commission

2708 Custodian

This position will be officially announced from February 17-24 – this is where all the details on how to apply and what documents are needed to apply are listed. You will not be able to apply until February 27- March 2. All information can be found

The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and other San Francisco Cityand County departments will be accepting applications for custodial positions.While the Airport has more requirements than citywide positions, you should consider working for SFO because:

· The Airport has thelargest number of custodians at approximately 60% so chances of being selected are greater.

· The Airport is anexciting place to work and you will interact with people from all over the world.

· You willlearn skills not available in all city departments.

· To learn more about SFO Custodians go to:

Don’t miss this opportunity to work at the Airport

Apply February 27- March 2, 2012

How to Apply: Citywide Employment Opportunities webpage:

Tips: Carefully review the job description and qualification section of the announcement-You must show on your application that you meet the minimum qualifications.Write full sentences; do not abbreviate words in your application.

Verification of Education/Experiencecan be requested anytime during the recruitment process,but we advise you to submit verification with your application. Below are some examples for gathering verification documents.

Current or previous employment: On employer’s letterhead paper, make sure your name, job title, description of jobduties and your dates of service are all listed. Also, the employer must date and sign the letter.

Closed Business: Provide copy of income tax paperwork, end of year pay stub, copies of performance appraisal/evaluation or any other documents that describe job duties performed.

Self Employed: Provide a copy of a contract or get a letter from someone whom you have done business with. The letter or contract should have the following information: your name, the company’s name you have done business with, a description of services provided, dates of service, and signature of the owner or representative of the business.

Criminal History: There may be up to three levels of criminal checks, California Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Customs. Readeach form very carefully, as they are different. Dishonesty may prevent hiring or result in termination if discovered after hiring. A criminal record does not necessarily prevent you from being hired.

After submitting your application, make sure to view the study and sample test materials on the Department of Human Resources website:


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