Announcing the Spring 2012 Parenting Series Sponsored by the Child Development & Family Studies Dept. at City College of San Francisco Kathleen White, Dept. Chair

Classes are open to All Parents and Free of Charge Main Campus –

Multi- Use Bldg. (new building on the corner of Ocean and Phelan)

MUB 240 – TUESDAYS – 6:30PM

Birth – 5 years

Food Battles – Avoiding Tears, Bribery and Power Struggles with Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers and Ensuring Healthy Eating and Healthy Traditions– 1/24/12 Choosing Child Care – Things to Look for When Choosing Group Settings for Young Children – 1/31/12 Becoming Parents – Parenting Practice for Parents of Infants and Toddlers – 2/7/12 Developmentally Appropriate Parenting of Preschool Children – Ages and Stages – 2/21/12 Family Systems – Understanding the Relationship between how Families Operate and how Children Behave -2/28/12 Kindergarten Readiness – Ensuring that your Child is Ready for School and School is Ready for your Child – 3/6/12

5yrs – 12 years

Choosing a Kindergarten in SFUSD – How Parents Can Master the SFUSD Enrollment Process -3/13/12 Parenting the School-age Child – the “Golden Years” – 3/20/12 Financial Understanding for Parents of School-Age Children – 4/10/12 Raising Children in an Urban Setting – Resources, Risks and Challenges in San Francisco -4/17/12


Understanding your Middle School Child – Developmental Issues in the Middle Years – 4/24/12 Body Image – Nutrition, Exercise, Self Esteem and the Teen Brain –


Teaching your High School Student about Money – How Parents can Encourage Financial Literacy – 5/8/12 Transitions from High School to College – Essential Tasks for Parents of Older Teenagers – 5/15/12 Financing College – How to Plan for College Costs – 5/22/12

For additional questions or information please call 415 239-3172

Kathleen White

Department Chair

Child Dev. & Family Studies Dept.

City College of San Francisco

50 Phelan Ave. – MUB 247

San Francisco, CA 94112

(415) 239-3891

FAX – (415) 239-3861

Graham Dobson
CPAC Coordinator
Child Care Planning and Advisory Council
(415) 554-8482

“Setting and driving the child care agenda for San Francisco’s children and their families”


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