Watch and listen as Valerie Coleman Morris gives the tips that can help you put your financial house in order. With the aid of long time news anchor Belva Davis, peering in to query, we get the questions asked of Valerie that we ourselves would like to find out. Take advantage of this knowledge and wisdom from an expert whose CNN financial reporting career spans the most volatile moments of peaks and dips in global monetary, financial and fiscal policy. A close up witness to the political changes impacting not only our lives but her own family’s living conditions as well. Hear how she’s taken steps to manage, override and guide her family through the financial pit falls facing us all since the tech bubble burst, Wall Street collapsed and the housing market became a living nightmare.

Written with intelligence,, humor and a pertinent set of guidelines that can help all of us navigate the global challenges impacting our money and our  financial health. Valerie Coleman Morris lends ‘hands on’ useful insight and advice which brings comfort. No matter what the current financial condition, she seems to have the common sense solutions we’ve all been looking to find.  “It’s Your Money – So, Take It Personally” is a must have road map to calm the financial lunacy and bring some semblance of financial literacy into your pocketbook.

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After 26 years of running a successful record store Joe and Elba Lambert have gone fishiin’, Online. If you’ve ever visited Creative Music Emporium out on Ocean Avenue and Mission Street, then you know how much it felt like home when you went to visit this down home couple in their wonderful old school record store. Always there with an inviting smile and a music recommendation that was just the song you were in need of hearing. On December 31st CME closed for good at this last of its kind brick and mortar location. But don’t fret, Joe and Elba will continue to serve your sensitive musical ear by providing their services Online.  visit   www.creative  which is where you’ll find the Lamberts these days. Let’s hope this allow the lovely couple to spend their time sippin’ Islalnd rum and dancing to the greatest music collection, perhaps of all time. And Joe just may start serenading Elba with his old saxophone. You may also find selections through their Amazon link at &

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