Community Benefit Partnership Members,

On behalf of CHW, St. Mary’s Medical Center and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, I am sharing the announcement that CHW has restructured its governance structure and changed its name to Dignity Health.

Dignity Health is a not-for-profit organization rooted in the Catholic tradition, but is not an official ministry of the Catholic Church. Our mission, vision and values remain the same, as does our commitment to providing excellent care. Sisters representing the sponsoring congregations that have guided our organization since its founding will continue to serve on our Board of Directors, and the congregations will continue to directly sponsor our Catholic hospitals.

St. Mary’s Medical Center, as our other Catholic hospitals will continue to be Catholic. Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, as our other non Catholic hospitals will continue to be non Catholic.

We have made these changes for two reasons: first, to more clearly describe who we are, and second, to position us for growth in a changing health care environment. These changes recognize that we have always welcomed, and will continue to welcome, both Catholic and non-Catholic care centers into our system. The new structure and name ensure that we respect the identity and integrity of each. Additionally, as we look to the future, our organization will grow, and a great deal of that growth will be through partnerships.

We notified our employees about this change this morning, and it will be discussed broadly today at each of our facilities. The attached press release and new website,, should answer most of your questions, but please give me a call if you’d like to discuss further.

Abbie Yant RN, MA Vice President Mission, Advocacy and Community Health Saint Francis Memorial Hospital A Dignity Health Member 900 Hyde St. San Francisco, CA 94109 415-353-6630

New website:


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