We don’t want to pester you, but many of you did not respond to our previous invitation to sign on to this letter. Please join us in showing that community-based organizations and advocates care about the important issue of clean air standards in California!


In late January, California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) will vote on strong new clean cars standards. This is an important vote for low-income consumers and people of color throughout the state.


Consumer Action is asking your organization to join us in signing the attached letter, asking CARB members to adopt the strongest possible clean cars standards. The letter will be submitted to the CARB and shared with newspaper editorial boards across the state.CLICK HERE TO SIGN ON NOW!


Ensuring strong clean car standards protects all Californians, especially children, the poor, and minority communities who suffer disproportionately from health problems caused by vehicle emissions. Cleaner car standards also encourage efficiency that help cars go farther on a gallon of gas, which helps protect families from high gas prices.

Please add your voices and join Consumer Action in signing the attached letter to CARB’s members by January 13, 2012.CLICK HERE TO SIGN ON NOW!


Thank you for your help.

Ken McEldowney Executive Director

Consumer Action


P.S. We hope your agency can sign the letter. However, if this isn’t possible we welcome individual signers. If you are signing as an individual, you can select the option to add your agency’s name solely for identification purpose. Thank you.


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