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Mayor Lee’s Statement on SF UnemploymentRate Drop/ December LMI Update Recap of Top OEWD – Workforce DivisionE-Newsflash Stories in 2011 Sector Updates: HealthCare Academy(HCA) Graduation Ceremony and Keynote Speaker Highlight OEWD’s  Workforce Capacity BuildingInitiative (CBI) Update: $ustainability Workshop Summary & Announcementsfor Upcoming CBI Workshops WiCAC Update:  Open WiCAC Seats& Upcoming WiCAC meeting

************************************************ Mayor Lee: “San Francisco’s Unemployment Rate Has Dropped Again” ************************************************

SinceJanuary 2011, the San Francisco unemployment rate has dropped steadilyfrom 9.5 percent to now 7.8 percent. This 1.7 percentage decrease in unemploymentrepresents an additional 17,100 employed San Franciscans in a broad rangeof industries including professional, scientific, technical service, construction,food service and healthcare.

In a prepared statement, Mayor Lee described the significance of this improvement.“Job creation remains my highest priority and that’s why I am excitedto learn that San Francisco’s unemployment rate has dropped again, makingour City among the lowest in the state. We are creating good paying jobsin San Francisco from small businesses in our neighborhood commercial corridorsto new technology startups to infrastructure construction jobs.

Since I took office in January 2011, we’ve seen a marked drop in the unemploymentrate, demonstrating that San Francisco is moving in the right directionand our economic polices are helping to get people back to work.

Although our rate is among the lowest in the state, I will continue towork every day to make sure San Franciscans have access to good jobs andwe keep our economy growing.” December LMI Update:  TotalJobs Surpassed Those of Two Years Ago for Four Consecutive Months Between October 2011 and November 2011, the total number of jobs locatedin the West Bay counties of Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo grew by1,000 jobs to reach 961,300.

·  Trade, transportation, and utilities posted a net gain of 4,400 jobs, substantiallybetter than the average increase of 3,200 jobs between October and Novemberover the prior 21 years. Most of the job additions occurred at clothingand department stores as the holiday shopping season got underway. ·  Public and private schools expandedseasonally by 1,100 jobs combined. ·  Leisure and hospitality slumpedby 2,900 jobs, a larger-than-usual cutback for this time of year. Justover half of the decrease occurred at food services and bars. ·   Construction registered a larger-than-usualseasonal reduction as it lost 1,700 jobs.


************************************************ Top OEWD Workforce Division E-Newsflash Stories in 2011 ************************************************

Over the last 12 months, the Workforce Divisionof OEWD has strived to engage, educate and inform our readers.  TheE-Newsflash has attracted over 1,000 readers including elected officials,their staff, business leaders, community leaders, and industry stakeholders.

As 2011 comes to a close, we want to highlight the top workforce storiesthat contributed to building a stronger San Francisco workforce system. In case you’ve missed an issue, all of our past E-Newsflash editionsare available on our website’s About Us page (Workforce Division: WorkforceNews tab – www.workforcedevelopmentsf.org/aboutus)

Here are our top Workforce Division stories  for 2011: February 1st edition – “CBO Report(CBO Task Force Report)” March 16th edition – “Child Support& Employment Services: A National Spotlight on San Francisco’s LocalPartnership Model” May 2nd edition – “OEWD 2011 WorkforceForum Recap” May 16th edition – “Workforce SystemProviders Focus on Developing Meaningful Outcomes” June 16th edition – “From WISF, WiCAC,President  Obama … Everyone’s Talking Employer Engagement” June 30th edition – “Mayor Lee Announces$5.72 Million Federal Grant for Job Training & Transitional Employmentin San Francisco” June 30th edition – “Governor’s OfficeAdds San Francisco Workforce System to List of Innovative Programs andStrategies” July 14th edition – “Clinton’s EmployerEngagement Message Echoes Local Efforts in San Francisco; Local ProviderHighlights SF’s Approach as a National Model” July 14th edition – “Bay Area WorkforceSystem Providers Engage in National Discussion on Neighborhoods & LaborMarkets” July 28th edition – “Astounding Successwith Job Readiness [Services] (JRS) Initiative” July 28th edition – “Drastic Cutsin Workforce Funding Looming For 2012” August 18th edition – “Summer YouthEmployment Program (SYEP): Bringing Back the Summer Job” Sept. 29th edition – “Mayor Lee TalksJobs at Special Joint Meeting of WISF & Youth Council” Nov. 30th edition – “OEWD’s CapacityBuilding Initiative is in Full Swing”


************************************************ Sector Updates ************************************************

UCSF Recognized as HealthIndustry Leader at HealthCare Academy (HCA) Graduation Ceremony The HealthCare Academy (HCA) celebrated the achievements of its third graduatingclass on December 15 th at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus.  Over120 graduates were honored at the event from a variety of certificate programs,including Certified Nursing Assistant, Home Health Aide, Medical Assistant,Medical Administrative Assistant, Personal Caregiver and Healthcare Bridge.

At the event, OEWD recognized UCSF as a Healthcare Industry Leader for its dedication to workforce development, its support of the Academyand exemplary record of hiring graduates.  UCSF’s Community InternshipOutreach Program (CIOP) provides training, paid internships and mentoringto Medical Administrative Assistants who are often hired permanently atUCSF upon completion of the program.  Jennifer Hermann, Director ofHuman Resources at UCSF Medical Center, accepted the award on behalf ofUCSF.

Ms. Basilla Amobi represented the graduating class with a speech highlightingher struggles to find employment and her ultimate success completing thePersonal Caregiver training and obtaining permanent employment at In-HomeSupport Services Consortium.

Ms. Mivic Hirose, Executive Administrator at Laguna Honda Hospital andRehabilitation Center, a facility that is part of the San Francisco Departmentof Public Health, provided the keynote speech of the evening.  Ms.Hirose shared her personal journey in the field and motivated graduatesto continue their education and their own career pathway in healthcare.She also highlighted the importance of collaboration among the partners,including Arriba Juntos, Bay Area Medical Academy, City College of SanFrancisco, In-home Support Services Consortium, JVS, and the Universityof California San Francisco as well as the employers hiring graduates ofthe Health Care Academy.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi also sent her wishes to the graduates with acongratulatory letter that underscored the importance of healthcare training. She wrote:

“Access to quality, affordable healthcare is critical to the well-beingof America, today and in the future.  The health care field providesa wide range of important and satisfying careers and is vital to the healthand economy of our City, State and Nation.”

OEWD sends a special thanks to our Health Care Academy partners for alltheir hard work to make this initiative so successful.


TrainGreenSF Initiative: Skilling Up the Next Wave of Green Leaders ThroughRoots of Success Curriculum Through OEWD’s Capacity Building and TrainGreenSF initiatives, seventeengreen workforce professionals successfully completed the Roots of Success Environmental Literacy Instructor Training, facilitated by Dr. RaquelPinderhughes.   Roots of Success is a training and curriculumthat increases environmental literacy, builds core academic skills, andprepares people for jobs in the green economy. Staff from the followingorganizations  attained trainer certification to enhance their existingworkforce training programs: Asian Neighborhood Design (AND) Community Housing Partnership (CHP) Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF) Green Streets Jewish Vocational Service (JVS) San Francisco Conservation Corps (SFCC) San Francisco Department of the Environment Young Community Developers (YCD) Rootsof Success  training modules incorporate environmental issuesand prepare workforce training participants for jobs in the green industryand empower them for environmental and public health advocacy.  Movingforward, OEWD will build upon existing employer and community partnershipsto incorporate Roots of Success  into entry level employeesuccess orientations and retention planning.  For more informationabout Roots of Success, visit:     http://www.rootsofsuccess.org

****************************************** OEWD’s Capacity Building Initiative (CBI) Updates ******************************************

Failing to Plan is LikePlanning to Fail: Organizational & Programmatic $ustainability Half-DayWorkshop Scott Ullman and Sarah Jo Neubauer of the Foundation Center and Byron Johnsonof CompassPoint delivered an incredibly informative half-day workshop onorganizational & programmatic  sustainability.  Over 30 individualsfrom 24 organizations attended this OEWD sponsored workshop. Attendeesincluded OEWD grantees as well as grantees from MOH, DCYF and First Five/FamilyResource Centers (FRCs).

A few days after the workshop, one of the participants shared that he wasable to employ some of the tips he had learned at a meeting with fundersthat very afternoon!  He said that the workshop helped him to speakconfidently to the strengths of his organization, and he was eager to hearabout upcoming CBI opportunities.

************************************ Register Today for Upcoming Workshops! ************************************

“Goingfrom Placement to Partnership with the Private Sector” Workshop -January 10, 2012; 9am to 12pm Most workforce providers are missing out on the incredible potential ofbusiness partnerships.  Learn how to position your organization tobe seen by businesses as a mutually beneficial partner.  Avoid thecommon mistakes that kill off partnerships and discover how to design andpresent your partnership proposal so it looks like a business plan.  Learnabout the most common reasons businesses reject partnerships so you canavoid them.  Spot and respond to the early warning signs that showthe process isn’t working.  Develop criteria for evaluating the successof your efforts.  Don’t put all your work into a one time relationshipwith businesses.  Come to this workshop and learn how to go from placementto partnership.

Facilitator: Larry Robbin REGISTRATION IS OPEN!  Toregister please send an email with the subject line “Registrationfor January 10 CBI Workshop” to Workforce.development@sfgov.org



Professional Development/StaffDevelopment for Line Staff: Half-Day Workshop – January 27, 2012; 9am to1pm In this workshop, participants will tap into their own personal values,talents and strengths and begin to articulate strategies specific to theircareer aspirations and desires. We’ll discuss how to integrate continuouslearning into your work life, how to work effectively in your current positionand how to spot those barriers that might be holding you back.  Participantswill leave this session with the start of a professional development plantailored to their unique career goals.

Facilitator:  CompassPoint SeniorProject Director, Byron Johnson

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Toregister please send an email with the subject line “Registrationfor January 27 CBI Workshop”to Workforce.development@sfgov.org


“Are You Talking LikeBusiness People Think? – Get the Private Sector To Use Your Services”Workshop – February 14, 2012; 9am to 12pm Based on feedback from hundreds of private sector businesses, you’ll learnthe most common hidden reasons business people give for deciding not towork with service providers.  Talk the language of business as youposition your services as a profitable business problem solver.  Discoverwhy describing your services in job seeker terms is a big mistake.  Learnhow to sell (not describe) the benefits of your services.  Get a powerfulmodel for overcoming resistance to using your services. If you want morebusinesses to use your services you should not miss this session.

Facilitator: Larry Robbin

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! To registerplease send an email with the subject line “Registration for February14 CBI Workshop” to Workforce.development@sfgov.org


****************************************** WiCAC Update ******************************************

Consider Becoming aWiCAC Member Today! Open WiCAC Seats Available: Do you work for a 501(c)3 nonprofit community based organization that hasa strong interest in workforce development ?  The OEWD – WorkforceDivision is encouraging all interested candidates to apply for currentand upcoming openings for the WiCAC. The Workforce Investment Community AdvisoryCommittee (WiCAC) was established to advise the Workforce Investment SanFrancisco (WISF) board on the City’s workforce needs and the solutionsto meet them.  The WiCAC will identify the “on-the-ground” workforcechallenges and recommend solutions to close gaps in the workforce developmentinfrastructure.

WiCAC members are selected based on theirdirect experience related to:

•  San Francisco’s service deliverycapacity and gaps that hinder the City’s ability to cultivate a skilledworkforce. •  Special needs and circumstances that prevent San Franciscans fromattaining self- sustaining employment. •  How the City can improve its infrastructure to more effectivelyrespond to the dynamic challenges that face residents and employers.

Meetings & Staffing

The WiCAC will meet four (4) times per calendaryear, once per quarter.

Process To Apply for Open Seats:

Board of Supervisors (BOS) Appointments (currently recruiting) Interested candidates must fill out a BOS application, located at http://www.sfbos.org/index.aspx?page=9602 Once applications have been submitted, a Rules Committee Hearing date willbe set to determine and officially appoint the BOS appointed members tothe WiCAC.

Community Board Appointments Each appointing community board (Re-Entry Council, TAY-SF, and Local HomelessCoordinating Board) have their own processes for being considered.  Pleasecontact the following directors of each board to learn more details. Jessica Flintoft – Re-Entry Council (currentlyrecruiting), Jessica.Flintoft@sfreentry.com Rachel Antrobus – TAY-SF (not currentlyrecruiting), Rachel@taysf.org Ali Schlageter – SF Local Homeless CoordinatingBoard (not currently recruiting), Alison.Schlageter@sfgov.org Not quite sure you want to apply? Attend the next WiCAC meeting and see firsthand what the WiCAC isall about!  The next WiCAC meeting details are listed below. For additionalinformation or questions, please contact WiCAC Liaison, Kriztina Palone,OEWD – Workforce Division at 415-581-2355/Kriztina.Palone@sfgov.org . Wehope to see you there!

WiCAC Meeting (Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee)  Tuesday – January 24, 2012  9:30AM – 12:00PM OEWD – Workforce Division 50 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94102


Happy Holidays from the OEWD WorkforceDivision!  We look forward to connecting with you in 2012!


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