Good Evening,

If you have not received an email confirmingyour registration for this workshop and would like to attend, please by tomorrow, 12/6 at 5:00PM.  Additionally,if you have registered and cannot make it, please let us know!

**PLEASE NOTE** This workshop willtake place at a new venue (NOT at Hotel Whitcomb).  Pleaseconfirm your attendance for further logistical details!

About this Workshop
This highly interactive and practicalsession offering staff and board leaders the opportunity to define sustainabilityfor their organizations, identify the current challenges and opportunitiesfacing their business models, and outline immediate decisions and nextsteps they need to take to strengthen their organizations. This class isfor Executive Director/CEOs, experienced Senior Managers, and board leaders.Participants should bring current financial statements and any currentstrategic or annual plans.

If you have any questions or concerns regardingthis workshop or about the Capacity Building Initiative (CBI), please sendan email to You can also visit the Capacity Building Initiative page on our websitefor updates at the “Workforce Community” tab).

Thank you!

Marissa Bloom
OEWD – Workforce Division


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