Dear District 5 organizations, businesses, and communitymembers,

I’m writing in hopes that, if youaren’t already, you will consider participating in Food Day thisyear. Are you planning something yet?

Sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest,Food Day 2011 will be celebrated on (and around) October 24, 2011 withgroups from coast-to-coast creating and participating in fun events encouragingAmericans to “eat real” and support healthy, affordable food grown ina sustainable, humane way.

Food Day is a grassroots campaign backed by many championsincluding: Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, SlowFood USA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the Farmers MarketCoalition, and the Farm to School Network. There are also terrific representativesfrom the broader food movement: author Michael Pollan, renowned nutritionexpert Marion Nestle, and restaurateur Alice Waters. More information isavailable at

Food Day is meant to advance the pressing concerns ofthe food movement –– issues like healthy school food, sustainable farming,targeted marketing of junk food to kids, hunger and food access issues,obesity, farm/food-worker justice, and access to sustainable, healthy food.The day has three broad goals: to raise awareness and educate the publicabout food issues; to improve food policies on local, state, and federallevels; and to strengthen the food movement. Our vision is to have events,activities, and campaigns in communities across the country on and aroundFood Day, at local neighborhoods, schools, organizations, farmers markets,businesses, community gardens, homes, etc.

In San Francisco already, numerous events are taking shape,from a proclamation on the steps of City Hall, to a conference on fooddeserts and prison food, to fundraisers at restaurants, to a petition aboutthe 2012 Farm Bill. We invite you to join in by hosting something simpleand engaging that will highlight or improve your work, educate the community,launch something new, or press for meaningful change. The possibilitiesare endless and I’d love to hear from you on what kind of events wouldwork best within your capacity. It would also be great if you could publicizeFood Day on any social media, blogs, or newsletters. 

To increase your event’s visibility, add it to the nationalFood Day map here:

If you have any questions or would just like to talk aboutpotential ideas, please feel free to contact me at you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Deborah Gardner
(your neighbor in District 5)

Deborah (Debs) Gardner, MFA; candidate MPH
Food Day West Coast Coordinator


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