Community Justice Network for        Youth (CJNY)

Regional Manager


The W. Haywood Burns Institute        for Juvenile Justice Fairness and Equity (BI) is a national non-profit        organization based in San Francisco. Our mission is to protect and        improve the lives of youth of color and poor youth and the well-being        of their communities by reducing the adverse impacts of exposure to the        youth justice system. The BI convenes local traditional and        non-traditional stakeholders such as law enforcement, the Court,        prosecutors, indigent defenders, service providers, community leaders,        parents and youth to address racial and ethnic disparities in the local        juvenile justice systems. The BI is currently working in approximately        25 sites nationwide.

A major component of the BI is        the Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY), a national network of        180 community based organizations working with youth of color who are        at risk or already in trouble with the law. CJNY includes members who        provide direct services, advocacy, research and policy development, as        well as grassroots organizing, all in the name of ‘Stopping the Rail to        Jail’. CJNY’s Advisory Council is composed of member programs that        guide its strategic direction.

Additionally, CJNY has        established local “task forces” in at least 6 cities around        the country. Each task force engages in focused and intentional        advocacy regarding racial and ethnic disparities in their local        juvenile justice system.

The ideal candidate will        possess a combination of skills including direct experience in        community organizing, campaign and strategy development. This position        will report directly to the CJNY Director. As a CJNY Regional Manager,        this person will play a significant role in the following areas:

Regional Management
Maintain effective communication             with members to collect information and disseminate information             throughout the network
Responsible for logistics,             content and planning of local, state and regional gatherings
Responsible for strategic             recruiting of new CJNY member organizations
Publicly represent the BI and             CJNY via public speaking, presentations and trainings
Maintain organization profiles             in the CJNY database which runs on Microsoft Access
Conduct field visits to member             programs to build and maintain relationships, gain insight into             individual organizational structure, culture and local conditions,             provide technical assistance follow-up and, when appropriate,             participate and provide support to member events


Taskforce Development
Participate in the process of             establishing taskforces and community organizing.
Consistently attend taskforce             meetings to increase the members’ capacity and sophistication             regarding system form, function, policy, and practice to support             efforts to hold the system accountable and push system             stakeholders to address racial and ethnic disparities


Community Engagement in Sites
Develop a level of expertise in             the BI data driven approach and work intimately with system             stakeholders
Lead community engagement             efforts in collaboration with BI site managers within             jurisdictions contracting with the BI
Train community representatives             involved in system reform efforts on juvenile justice concepts and             the BI process
Facilitate system stakeholders             through a process of establishing goals for community engagement             and designing strategies to implement those goals
Utilize the BI’s data driven             approach to connect community based interventions at key decision             points contributing to racial and ethnic disparities


Training Expectations
Assist in external trainings for             CJNY members
Assist in curriculum             conceptualization and development for CJNY and BI related             activities
Develop trainings for community             representatives on juvenile justice concepts and the BI process


Experience working with             individuals from low income communities of color and various cultures             and backgrounds
Comfortable traveling to             marginalized communities of color and spending time building             relationships with the people that live there 
Must be able to travel 50% – 60%             of the time to attend BI and CJNY related activities across the             country
Ability to develop             relationships, train, and facilitate across service providers,             advocates, organizers, justice administrators, and foundation             personnel
Excellent written and oral             communications skills are essential
Must be an analytical and strategic             thinker always seeking opportunities to push the work of the BI             forward
Must be able to operate in a             fast-paced environment, anticipating and prioritizing multiple             tasks while maintaining a high attention to detail
Must work well independently and             as part of a team
Must embrace the complexity of             the juvenile justice system and possess the ability to facilitate             meetings with system stakeholders


Must have a valid driver’s             license
Must be able to travel 50-60% of             the time and on weekends when needed
Bachelors degree or 5 years of             professional experience


Salary: Competitive with        excellent benefits


How to Apply:
        Apply immediately by sending email, fax or mail to Administrative Assistant        Andria Blackmon (
A letter of interest detailing             your skill sets
A resume of your work history
A minimum of three references
A brief writing sample demonstrating             your experience and knowledge of this issue


The application process will        remain open until the position is filled. Please use “Regional        Manager” as the subject of your email. Only complete applications        will be reviewed. It is preferred that all materials be submitted via        email. If emailing is not possible, please send materials to W. Haywood        Burns Institute, 180 Howard Street, Suite 320, San Francisco, CA 94105.       

*Do not split a submission        between email and regular post*


The W. Haywood Burns Institute        is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, formerly        incarcerated people, and people with disabilities are strongly        encouraged to apply. Only candidates selected for interview will be        contacted. The candidate must work in the Burns Institute San Francisco        office. No relocation funds are available. Bi-lingual and bi-cultural        Spanish speakers are particularly desired.


Please visit our websites to        learn more about the Burns Institute at and the Community Justice        Network for Youth at

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