invites applications for the position of:
Administrative Analyst

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Annually, $71,388.48 – $86,773.14

OPENING DATE: 10/13/11

CLOSING DATE: 10/28/11 05:00 PM


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is a regional government agency,committed to achieving clean air to protect the public’s health and the environment.The Air District accomplishes this goal through regulation of industrialfacilities and various outreach and incentive programs designed to encourageclean air choices.

The Air District’s jurisdiction encompasses all of seven counties – Alameda,Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Napa, andportions of two others – southwestern Solano and southern Sonoma.

The Air District is currently recruiting for the position of AdministrativeAnalyst in the Strategic Incentives Division. There is one (1) vacancy.This is a non-exempt, full-time, represented position.


(Illustrative Only)

Reviews and evaluates grant applications and prepares necessary grantdocuments, contracts, letters, reports and communications with grantees.

Presents grant program information to potential applicants, industry groups,government agencies, and other stakeholders.

Prepares cost benefit emissions calculations and analyses of specific projects.Monitors progress and reporting from specific projects and determinescompliance with grant and contract requirements.

Maintains data, and participates in the design and testing of databases thatstore and organize grant project information.

Has a basic technical understanding of how heavy-duty mobile equipment impactsthe air quality in the Bay Area.

Monitors, inspects and audits current and previously funded grant projects toassure compliance with State and District statutory and regulatoryrequirements, and State and District guidelines and policies.

Conducts a variety of administrative, technical, and financial grant programoperations requiring the knowledge of financial management, invoicing andaccounting principles, work measurement and systems analysis.

Prepares analyses related to District policies, evaluates existing or proposedpractices, policies and procedures, and prepares or researches and analyzesrequests for contracts or agreements.

Prepares verbal and written reports to support the Strategic IncentivesDivision, such as technical, Committee and financial reports, and staffreports.

Consults with outside agencies as the District representative to assess theDistrict’s eligibility for State and Federal grant funds; gathers and preparesall related background information for funding authorities.

Consults with District engineering, planning and technical staff about issuesrelated to grant projects.


A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills is:
Equivalent to graduation from a four year college or university with majorcoursework in finance, accounting, business or public administration or aclosely related field and two years of experience in governmental budgetpreparation or accounting or professional experience in administrativeanalysis, one year of which must have included contract and budget analysis.

Experience with technical project application review, grant preparation, costand emissions analyses, database design, and project management is highlydesirable. Coursework in environmental science and engineering is alsodesirable.


Interested individuals must submit a completed BAAQMD application, achronological resume and their responses to the supplemental applicationquestions no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 28, 2011. Applications are alsoaccepted online. Please visit our website at to apply or todownload an application. Resumes are required, but not in lieu of the requiredapplication materials. Postmarks, faxes, and E-mailed applications will not beaccepted.

Except as requested in this announcement, do not include any additionaldocuments, such as letters of recommendation, performance evaluations, worksamples, etc. They will not be considered or returned. A resume is required ofall applicants. Applicants submitting paper applications must also complete anofficial BAAQMD application. Postmarks, faxes, and e-mails will not beaccepted.

Individuals who apply for this position must respond to each of thesupplemental questions. Both paper and online applications must be received bythe Human Resources Office no later than the deadline time and date specifiedin the vacancy announcement. The responses to the supplemental applicationquestions will be used in accordance with the procedures indicated under theSelection Criteria in the vacancy announcement.

Instructions: Please limit your responses to one page per question. Donot combine your responses, or reference your application, resume, or any otherrequested documentation that you have included with your application packet toanswer a question. Please be advised that the information you provide will beevaluated “as is” and incomplete or illegible applications willlikely receive lower ratings. Therefore, it is very important to provide aconcise, organized, and easy to follow response to each question.

You must provide the following for each question regarding experience: The nameof the employer where you gained your experience, your job title, length oftime in years/months performing the specific function, and detailed examplesthat illustrate your duties and responsibilities.

Selection may be based upon a competitive examination consisting of a writtenexercise, interview, or combination of the two. Depending on the number ofqualified applicants, a supplemental application questionnaire screening and/orpanel interview may be used to determine the most qualified applicants.

The District may hire from this recruitment process to fill future vacancies ofAdministrative Analyst AND Limited Term Administrative Analyst occurring withinthe next 18 months.

You will be notified based on the notification preference you select in theapplication in order to update you on your status in the recruitment. Pleaseexpect the first notification after approximately one month of the closingdeadline for applications.

Persons with disabilities who may require reasonable accommodations during theapplication and/or selection process should notify the Human Resources Officeat (415) 749-4980.

The District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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