Dear colleagues,

We are excited to inform you that are our official call for nominations for the California Senior Leaders Program is officially open! We would be thrilled to receive nominations of seniors who are active in social justice work in your areas.  We are looking for nominees from all over California.  We work to highlight the work of seniors who are doing social change work in California, and we are especially interested in honoring those whose work is often less visible – immigrants, people of color, LGBT folks and people in rural areas.  We do cover travel expenses to attend our events.  Please feel free to call if you have any questions, and feel free to forward this email to others in your network.

Our deadline for nominations is this Monday October 17, but we can accept nominations as late as Friday, October 21 – please just get in touch with us so we know to expect it.


Best wishes,

Analilia Garcia and Meena Nair

Dear Colleagues,


We have just released nomination materials for the fourth round of the California Senior Leaders Program. Nominations are due Monday, October 17th.  We hope that you will consider submitting a nomination.  Below are details about the program, including criteria for awards.  The nomination form is attached.

Information about the program
Started in 2002, and funded by The California Wellness Foundation through a grant to the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, this program brings visibility to older California volunteers who have made real and lasting contributions to healthy aging and community building while demonstrating a commitment to social justice and/or broader level social change.  The person you nominate may be associated with a project you fund or implement, or be an individual you know.

As in past years, we will select 30 senior leaders from the statewide pool of nominees. The program begins with an exciting two-day recognition and training event at the Waterfront Plaza Hotel in Oakland’s Historic Jack London Square in February 2012. This event is followed by periodic networking and idea-sharing opportunities, including regional reunions with other Senior Leaders from past and present cohorts. In addition to receipt of a plaque and a $500 check to a relevant organization in support of each senior’s work, awardees will receive training in areas such as media advocacy and fundraising. There is also a 15-month follow-up period during which time a graduate student makes bi-monthly informal telephone contacts with each Senior Leader to check in, discuss her/his community work and to offer limited technical assistance as appropriate.

Awardees will be strongly encouraged to join the California Senior Leaders Alliance, our policy component, through which they may work with other Senior Leaders to promote statewide policies that benefit elders and their families and communities.  Because of this program component, we especially seek nominees who show a commitment to social justice and an interest in educating legislators and engaging in ongoing statewide policy work with other award recipients.

Award Criteria:

·        Nominees must be at least 60 years old.

·        Nominees must fulfill their work in a volunteer capacity.  It is fine if they receive a small stipend for their work, but this award is not for regular paid employees.

·        Nominees may contribute to healthy aging and community building in any number of ways (for example, convening and leading a coalition to improve senior health care; playing a leadership role in a neighborhood effort to address violence or environmental hazards; organizing a chronic disease health management group; serving as a spiritual healer).

·        Nominees must be engaged in community work on at least two levels, e.g. one-on-one work and neighborhood work, or small group efforts and work on local, state, or national policy.

·        Nominees for the Senior Leaders program should show a commitment to social justice, including the idea that all people deserve equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.

       ·         We especially seek nominees who enhance the diversity of our group, including low-income seniors, seniors of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) seniors, and those living in rural areas, as well as those who have experience working or volunteering in multi-cultural environments.

NOTE:  This award, while honoring individuals in part for their past work, is designed for those who continue to serve actively and who would also enjoy being actively involved in the Program, attending meetings and working with fellow Senior Leaders on issues of common interest.  The award is not intended for those who have made wonderful contributions in the past but are not longer actively engaged in such work.

All nominations will be reviewed by our advisory committee. Nominators may be contacted to obtain additional information for the final selection process. All nominees will receive a certificate of merit in recognition of their contributions, regardless of whether or not they are selected to receive the award. Awardees will be notified by December 2011.

Please fax, e-mail or mail your nominations by Monday, October 17, 2011, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you and best wishes,



2012 California Senior Leaders Program


(Please print clearly or type)


1.  Person being nominated:




Telephone:                                                        Email (if applicable):                                                

Community or setting in which she or he volunteers:                                                                         

Age (check one):   60-64____     65-70____     71-74____     75-80____     81-84____     85+____

Race/Ethnicity:        African American____        Asian/Pacific Islander____        Caucasian____                      

Hispanic____        Native American____        Other (please specify)_______________

Educational level (if known):            High School _____     College _____     Post Graduate _____

Former occupation (if known):                                                                                 

English Proficiency: ______________________________________________________


3.  Nominator’s Contact Information:




Telephone:                                                                              Fax:                                                    


Title and organization:                                                                                                                      

How do you know this nominee? ___________________________________________________


2.  Letter of Support:  Please use a separate sheet of paper to tell us briefly about this individual

and how he or she meets the criteria for this award.  Include how the individual’s efforts

demonstrate a commitment to social justice, and any thoughts you have on how this individual’s

participation might enhance our program.  Please keep your comments to 2-3 paragraphs.


Please return by mail, email or fax by Monday, October 17, 2011 to:


Analilia Garcia, Project Director

California Senior Leaders Program                             Fax:(510) 643-8236

School of Public Health #7360                         

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-7360


Please contact Analilia Garcia at (510) 921-4731 or


Below you can find the Senior Leaders Nomination Form

2012 Senior Leaders Nomination

Analilia Garcia, DrPH, MPH
Project Director, California Senior Leaders Program & Alliance
University of California, Berkeley
School of Public Health

50 University Hall, 7360
Berkeley, CA  94720-7360
Phone (510) 643-0969
Fax (510) 643-8236


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