Thursday October 13 from 3pm to 5pm at 555 Franklin St. in the Board of Education meeting room, we will be hosting a forum with Jane Quinn, a leader of the national Community Schools movement.  YOU ARE INVITED TO SHARE THIS SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY.


Jane is the Director of the National Center on Community Schools, which is run by the Children’s Aid Society in New York.  She has led the development of a network of Community Schools in New York City, as well as supported efforts throughout the country. She is the co-author of the major reference on community schools “Community Schools in Action: Lessons from a Decade of Practice.”  Jane has been a leader in the youth movement nationally for many years – working on youth development for the Wallace Foundation, and overseeing the seminal study published by the Carnegie Corporation called “A Matter of Time: Risk and Opportunity in the Non-School Hours.”  Jane is one of our heroines who says about Community Schools: “If you have the word ‘yes’ written in your heart, you can get almost anything to happen.”


Jane has been advising the San Francisco Community Schools work, and it is a privilege to have her here to meet with us.  On October 13, she will be giving a national overview of community schools, as well as comments about our work in San Francisco.  She will also be responding to questions. 


We are scheduling this as a special meeting of the Community Schools Council, so Council members will be able to address with Jane our local implementation issues.


Please feel free to invite your colleagues who are working in or interested in promoting Community Schools.



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