To Whom it May Concern,
I wish to inform you and your organization about the services offered by the California Problem Gambling Treatment Services Program (CPGTSP), including free mental health treatment for probleml gamblers and/or their families provided by licensed mental health practitioners. Problem gambling is an impulse control disorder that affects approximately 4% of Californians.  Studies have shown that problem gambling is associated with poor health, drug and alcohol abuse, and criminal activity.  We believe the services offered by our program could be useful to Mo’Magic.  I have attached a program brochure to this email for your reference.

To learn more about the services offered by this exciting new program, please contact me at your convenience.  More information can also be found at or

We look forward to developing a relationship with your organization to help reduce the harm of problem gambling in California.

There is a brochure attached for more information.

CPGTSP email brochure (2)


Katherine L. Hanna
Program Coordinator
UCLA Gambling Studies Program
Direct Line: (310) 206-3638
Main Office: (310) 825-4845

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