Fillmore/ Lower Fillmore Neighborhood Association (F/LFNA)


General Public Meeting – Safety & Economics

Date: Thursday, October 6th

Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Location: West Bay Conference Center, 1290 Fillmore Street, SF

Contact Information: 415-424-0155



1) Urban Waterproofing Local Hiring on its Fillmore Center Job – Presentation by BFC, INC

2) CBD – Existing Resources/Potential Discontinuance October-2011/Next Steps

3) November Election Candidates Endorsements by F/LFNA; and presentation and Q&A with Sherriff’s Captain Paul Miyamoto who is running for Sheriff

4) Public comment on items not appearing on agenda


Should the neighborhood association be engaged during this political season?


For the Fillmore to be a community we must have a better understanding and indulge in the politics because it governs everything around us from using park and recreation facilities like the Fillmore Mini Park, public safety and Black Flight. 


As a small and growing neighborhood association we have to priorities what the executive committee does and right now what needs to be addressed is the political season.  We want to have a broader approach and be able to deal with more than one issue and that is where members and residents come in.  Whatever you see that needs to be addressed that is outside of the political season we ask that you form a committee around it with the blessings of the neighborhood association and take the lead.  At each general public meeting there will be an agenda item for committee reports where each committee can report and have discussion and gain support from the broader community and move forward. 


This is the power of being organized, everybody can’t do everything. 


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