We are planning a big Public Safety meeting on Monday, October 3 and we would like a lot of people from the Western Addition to attend.  The theme is crimes against merchants and businesses. 

We have a nice panel of 7 city wide departments to attend.  From the Chamber of Commerce to the DWP Graffiti Team to the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development to SF SAFE to the Director of the Homeless Outreach team we have a solid panel that can provide answers to many questions. 

This is not a just for profit business meeting.  We are encouraging non-profits that have computer rooms or game rooms or sound systems or anything else that may lead to burglary to also attend.  They face some of the same concerns as merchants along Fillmore of Hayes.  Both of your groups face some of those challenges.  There will be a lot of information and answers provided on how to protect yourself.

We will start the meeting by listing what are the crimes against businesses(shoplifting, robbery, graffiti etc.).  Are they on the decrease or increase?  We will then ask three questions—-What can the businesses do to protect themselves?  What can the city do to help?  What can the community do to help?  The panel will provide answers to specific questions of safety.  There will be a big discussion of the use of cameras–how much do they cost–where to get them–how to install.  The police will help them.  After the meeting we will take the notes and put together a one page flyer to pass around to the businesses and non-profits in Hayes Valley, Western Addition and Lower Haight. 


Bob Barnwell               Chairman   Public Safety Committee              HVNA            415-621-1505

October-2011 Safety Flyer


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