Reminder: Free OEWD-Sponsored Workshops
OEWD has two upcoming CBO Capacity BuildingInitiative (CBI) workshops, outlined below. Seating is limited and registrationis required;  register today by emailing us at:

**Please Note: if you are attendinga workshop on behalf of someone, please let us know who you are attendingon behalf of when signing in on the day of the workshop. If you are unableto make a workshop that you registered for, please contact us right awaywith that information so that we can allow someone from the waiting listto attend the workshop.

Thank you!


Workshop Description
Target Audience


How to Find Assets to Employment inPeople that are Hard-to-Employ 
Reinvent your work with people that arehard-to-employ in ways that help to close the gap between them and jobs.The traditional approach to working with people who are hard-to-employfocuses on uncovering their barriers to employment. We will uncover jobseekers’strengths and assets to employment as the first task in employment counselingand case management.  Assets to employment in the hard-to-employ areoften hidden and difficult to uncover.  Using the techniques in thisidea packed workshop will enable you to find these positive attributesin people and use them to increase employment motivation, establish joband career goals, improve matches for training and help overcome barriersto employment. 
Career Advisors, Case Managers,Line Staff

To register please send an email
L. Robbin



October 2011

Workshop Description
Target Audience


Measure & Improve Business CustomerSatisfaction with Your Services
If you want to get better outcomes withthe private sector and improve your business services, you need to knowhow well you are doing with your private sector relationships.  Learnhow to use the same revealing measures of success that private sector businessesuse to evaluate their customer relationships.  Don’t assume you’redoing well with companies until you understand how to measure their satisfactionwith your services. 
Program Managers, Lead Staff

To register please send an email


L. Robbin


Not available to attend either of theseworkshops? Don’t worry, over the course of this fiscal year, OEWD willbe offering a variety of workshops as part of our new CBO Capacity BuildingInitiative (CBI).  These professional development training sessionsare designed to enhance organizational and staff capacity to deliver workforceservices of the highest quality.

Topics will address:
·        EmployerEngagement
·        CaseManagement
·        Organizationaland Programmatic Sustainability
·        FiscalAdministration

Executive Directors, Program Managers andCoordinators, Vocational Counselors, Case Managers, Job Coaches, and otherprogram operations staff will all find sessions targeted to meet theirparticular interests and needs.  All OEWD workforce granteesare invited to send staff to attend these training sessions.  Someworkshops will also be open to other community based organizations.  Asseating is limited, registration will be taken on a first come, first servedbasis. However, priority may be given to OEWD grantees for certain workshops.  OEWD may also limit the total number of registrations per organizationdue to capacity limitations.  

Don’t miss out on these great opportunities! Register for the September 13th workshop now by emailing:


Announcement: Upcoming WiCAC Meeting- September 28th at 10am, Arriba Juntos
***Attention Workforce Providers***

Do you work specifically with a monolingualpopulation? Are there concerns, questions or input you want to provideabout the monolingual population your organization works with? If so, pleaseattend the upcoming WiCAC (Workforce Investment Community Advisory Committee)Meeting on Wednesday, September 28th at 10am! This particular WiCAC meetingwill focus on the workforce needs and concerns of monolingual jobseekers.Please see details below:
WICAC Meeting
(Workforce InvestmentCommunity Advisory Committee)
Wednesday, September28, 2011
10:00AM-12:00 PM
Arriba Juntos
1850 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
For this meeting, the WiCAC membershave a special request of providers. Please review the letter created byWiCAC member, Ms. Tracy Brown:


Dear Service Providers,

This is a special invitation to agencies that serve the monolingual community. We are looking for agencies to serve on a panel at the
September 28th WiCAC meeting, from 10am-12noon at Arriba Juntos.

We are asking workforce providers to conduct a focus group with their jobseekers/clientsprior to the September 28th meeting date and present their feedback tothe WiCAC board at the meeting on September 28th.  Presentations willbe no more then five minutes.

Please have your jobseeking/clients respond to the following questions:

– What are the barriers that monolingual clients face to getting job

– What strategies work to address monolingual client barriers?

If you or someone in your agency would be willing to serve on the paneland share your findings, please contact WiCAC member Tracy Brown-Gallardo

Thank you for partnering with the WiCAC.  We look forward to seeingyou all on September 28th to learn more about the particular needs of the
monolingual populations that you serve!



Additional Capacity Building OpportunitiesYou Won’t Want To Miss:

1. Through the Mayor’s Office of Housing(MOH) and its capacity building grant with CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, MOH is able to offer seats for staff of city CDBG/ESG grantee agenciesto attend two different 3-day leadership trainings. ED 101: ManagementTraining for New Nonprofit Executive Directors” which willbe held from October 24-27, and Management 101: Skills Buildingfor Nonprofit Managers and Leaders,which will be held November7-9.  Both of these trainings are valued at $895.  Basedon applications submitted, the MOH staff will select up to ten individualsto participate in Management 101 and five in ED 101.  Both trainingswill be held at the East Bay Community Foundation at 353 Frank H. OgawaPlaza in Oakland (one block from the 12th Street BART Station).

For more information, please read the attachedletter about each training.  If the Executive Director and/or anysenior managers in your organization are interested in attending one ofthese 3-day trainings, please have them fill out the appropriate applicationattached and submit it to Pierre Stroud at MOH by Thursday, September15th at 5pm.  No applications will be accepted afterthis time.  All individuals will be notified if their applicationhas been accepted by Monday, September 26th.

Please contact Pierre directly with anyquestions at or (415) 701-5588.

2. Also, through the Mayor’s Office ofHousing (MOH) and its capacity building grant with CompassPoint NonprofitServices, MOH is able to offer CDBG/ESG grantee organizations the opportunityto apply for one-on-one consulting services.  Selected applicant organizationswill work with CompassPoint’s highly experienced and skilled consultantson specific projects in crucial areas of organizational development, suchas Strategic Planning, Finance and Fiscal Management, Board Development,and Succession/Transition Planning.

Through this capacity building grant thereare a total of 150 hours of consulting time available to grantees.  Thesehours will be divided between three (3) organizations for projects requiringan average of 50 hours of consulting time.

If you are interested in applying for consultingservices for your organization, please fill out the attached applicationand return it to Pierre Stroud at MOH by 5pm on Thursday, September15th.  No applications will be accepted after this time. You will be notified if your application for these consulting serviceshas been approved by Monday, September 26th.

Please contact Pierre directly with anyquestions at or (415) 701-5588.

Consulting Services Letter 2011-12, Consulting services application 2011-12

ED 101 letter 2011-12, ED 101 Application Form

Management 101 letter 2011-12, Management 101 Application Form 2010-11




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