All tickets for this event are $10. For tickets contact (415) 292-1209 or visit  

Presented in partnership with the San Francisco Interfaith Council and 

the Jewish Community Relations Council. 



Film Screening & Panel Discussion







This film is about three families from three different parts of the world 

who were terribly effected by acts of terrorism.


One family was effected by the Twin Towers attacks on 9/11

One family was effected by the disco bombing in Bali/Indonesia in 2002

One family was effected by the bus and subway terrorist attacks in London in 2007.


Three families who have turned personal tragedy into a motive for making 

the world a better place.


LOVE HATE LOVE, produced by actor/activist Sean Penn, tells their stories.

Join us for a screening and discussion with filmmaker Dana Nachman.


All Tickets $10

Call 415-292-1209 or visit

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Starts at: 7:00 pm



Barbara Lane

Director of Arts and Ideas

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

3200 California St.

San Francisco, CA 94118


Follow me on Twitter: BlaneJCCSF


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