You may be interested in a 30-minute mental health / depression awareness / substance abuse educational DVD that has won 25 awards and featured on the Voice America Health Channel, MetroBeat Television and National Public Radio. The film was directed by my son Bryce, a student who discusses his true-life experiences with depression, anxiety, self-injury, substance abuse, self-medication and his treatment. If interested in ordering the DVD and discussion guide or if you’d like more information please let me know.

Bryce received the National Welcome Back Award for De-Stigmatization (for reducing the stigma of depression), his film received the SAMSHA Honorable Mention Voice Award (for raising awareness of mental health issues).

Tom Mackie

Excerpt From Discussion Guide – Note From Director

Last year I learned a valuable lesson. That what you don’t know can hurt you. My experience with major depression taught me that lesson. I thought I had the perfect life. I had everything going for me – great grades in school, a great girlfriend, great parents, success in athletics, popular in school, etc. Then, one morning I found myself crying uncontrollably at my kitchen table.


“You have in your hands the ability to save many, many lives. It is crucial to spread this message.” – Kathryn W (International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression)

“Eternal High powerfully depicts how depression is experienced and how it is hidden in those around us. The film has helped my clients and family members identify depression and seek therapeutic intervention.” – Mary P (LMSW, ACSW)

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