Thank you so much for your interest in the Western Addition Health Training (WAHT) Program that is based at the Women’s Community Clinic.  The mission of WAHT is to 1) bridge the Clinic and Western Addition communities in order to increase access to direct health services and promote health and wellness for African American women and girls in San Francisco and 2) to train the next generation of healthcare leaders in San Francisco.


We are deeply committed to the health and wellness of women in our communities and provide outreach, education, and direct services in the community in many different settings. We are also deeply committed to training a diverse workforce in San Francisco, hence our very in-depth WAHT Fellowship.


The WAHT Fellowship is a two year, grassroots health career paid learning opportunity for African-American women from San Francisco.  WAHT Fellows are paid staff of the Women’s Community Clinic, a nonprofit that provides free health care for women, by women, in a safe respectful environment. Two new WAHT Fellows are selected for each application cycle, with a total of four WAHT Fellows in the program at any given time. We purposely have kept our fellowship program small in order to provide an incredibly comprehensive, diverse, and challenging health training opportunity. WAHT Fellows are integral members of the Clinic and work extensively in our WAHT, Clinical, and Outreach programs (please visit our website to learn more about these different programs). The level of health leadership training and professional development provided makes the WAHT Fellowship a truly unique opportunity.




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