The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will be conducting a study to evaluate how the Money Smart for Young Adults curriculum impacts how participants handle money.  We are currently recruiting sites that plan to use thiscurriculum over the next several months with students ages 14 to 18.  Selected sites will be asked to provide information about their use of the curriculum, and to have their students take pre- and post-training surveys through which we will measure their financial knowledge and behavior.

All selected sites will receive a stipend in appreciation for their willingness to help with this important research effort. The results of the study may be used to develop future changes to the curriculum, and will also be disseminated to the financial education community nationwide.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information about the study, please submit your information online at,, or call 1-800-287-1581.

If you are not planning to use the Money Smart for Young Adults curriculum but know someone else that may be, please share this information with them. 

Thank you in advance for helping the FDIC with this important financial education evaluation effort!

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