Truancy Assessment and Resource Center presents

Why Dare To Be Different

Young Men’s Empowerment Group
44 Gough Street, Ste. # 106
San Francisco, CA 94103
Workshops will be held on Tuesdays’ beginning

July 12-August 2, 2011
*Doors open @ 2:45pm*

The Truancy Assessment & Resource Center presents the Young Men’s Empowerment Group. This group is about keeping it real and being able to express what is on your mind. We plan to have fun and talk about issues that happen in our community. With the assistance from experts in the field of youth & community advocacy, a four-week workshop will address core issues of violence, police stereotyping, and drug & alcohol addiction. Through these series of workshops, young men will be able to learn ways to self -reflect upon their life choices in order to refresh and redirect their educational and career dreams. Final workshop will be a career panel of desired careers suggested by participants during the first workshop.

For More Information Contact:
Christopher Rollins or Damon Whitaker at: 415-437-1700

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