You play a role in government as an elected official or be hired to work in department. What does it take to be a department head? How many votes do you need to secure to win a seat? Who is the boss? Who has the money?

Location & Time:
TBA (City Hall or State Building)
11:00 am

This summer, we are embarking on a project that reaches out to support our next generation of leaders. The MAGIC Mentor Series will develop new partnerships and career exploration opportunities for middle and high school students. We expect the series to inform and transform their college and career paths. This exciting initiative will connect our youth with local professionals and serve as tool for preparing for future.

The MAGIC Mentor Series will invite professionals to make a difference in the lives of young people wrestling with peer pressure and exposed to the tragedies of poverty and crime first hand. This project also supports Mo’ MAGIC’s efforts to decrease summer learning loss through experiential learning. More than fifty percent of the academic achievement gap can be traced back to summer learning loss, which is experienced at a higher rate among minorities and low income youth.

The MAGIC Mentor series will include panel presentations as well as an opportunity for participants to speak with presenters in small groups. Each presenter will be asked to give a two-minute introduction (focused on if they went to college how they benefited from doing so and if not, the role experience and other forms of education, how/if that can happen today). The remaining time is spent having a student-centered discussion about what role college/education played in their career choice and how to prepare for that career.

The MAGIC Mentor Series will take place on Thursdays during the summer (June 9 – July 28) and guests will be invited to participate in the panels and small discussion groups. If you see an area in which you wish to particpate, simply contact the Mo’ MAGIC Office at 415-563-5207 or email


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