Two Kayaking Programs, one at Mission Creek and the other at Lake Merced, are offering group scholarships:

Take a day sea kayaking outing on Mission Creek:

University of California San Francisco Outdoor Programs Kayak Adventure
Contact: Kirk McLaughlin, 415/502-2121
Mission Creek, Mission Bay/South of Market

Free under scholarship program: Take your group on an urban aquatic adventure! UCSF Outdoor Programs has 440 full-scholarship spots for sea kayaking outings on Mission Creek for young people over 8 years old. Make arrangements directly with the program. Ability to swim strongly preferred but not mandatory.

Sign up a group for a weeklong day camp sailing and kayaking on Lake Merced:

San Francisco State University Kayaking/Sailing Camp
Contact: Dr. Patrick Tierney, 415/338-1531
Lake Merced, Lakeshore/Sunset District

Full scholarships for groups representing low-income urban youth: Weeklong day camps on Lake Merced offer kayaking, sailing, science and environmental activities. Ages 8-15; ability to swim strongly preferred but not mandatory. Groups must commit to the full week.


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