We are inviting summer learning programs to participate in a study about learning activities and technology.

To help PBS KIDS create the best materials for children, parents, and educators, we are investigating:

  • IF and HOW CHILDREN ENGAGE in Math and Literacy activities in your program,
  • YOUR THOUGHTS about the role of technology in out-of-school settings,
  • YOUR EXPERIENCES with using technology as a tool to help children learn and/or practice Math and Literacy skills, and
  • YOUR CHALLENGES with using technology in your program.

To participate in this study, programs

  • MUST have at least one program serving 6- 8 year-olds
  • MUST serve at least 50% children from low income families
  • DO NOT need to be currently using technology, but they must be open to the possibility of using technology to support children’s learning during out-of-school time

As a part of this study,

  • Program Directors will complete a 5-7 minute phone survey at their convenience and may be asked to nominate up to 3 staff members (preferably educators) who might be interested in participating in a 30-45 minute phone interview.
  • Program staff will participate in a 30-45 minute phone interview at their convenience and may be asked to complete a brief follow-up survey by mail or online.
  • We are especially interested in programs serving students in the New York Metro Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Atlanta, and rural regions across Kentucky.

What will participating programs receive?

  • PROGRAM DIRECTORS will receive an opportunity to inform and shape the development of technology tools – video, games, and applications –to support the learning of children in out-of-school settings.
  • PROGRAM STAFF that complete the phone interview will receive a $50 AMERICAN EXPRESS GIFT CARD.

Who is supporting this program?

This study is part of a large initiative supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the U.S. Department of Education. Several well-loved educational television shows for children, such as Super Why! and The Electric Company and their related websites are made possible by past initiatives. (To learn more, please visit www.pbs.org/readytolearn). The Educational Development Corporation, Inc. (EDC) and SRI International, two nonprofit organizations with long histories in public education, are conducting this survey. The National Summer Learning Association is a partner in this work.

To register to participate, please contact:
Eve Townsend, 212-807-4279, etownsend@edc.org


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