Did you know that African American and Latino students have the lowest SAT test taking rates in the Bay Area, in California, in the Nation?

Did you know that when asked, students say that they do not prepare or take the SAT because they are AFRAID of it?

To begin to proactively address these sobering facts, the Choose College Educational Foundation is hosting the SuperSATurday Rally and College Fair on May 21, 2011 at the Oakland Marriott Convention Center in Oakland, CA. The purpose of this event is to dispel the myths and alleviate some of the stress associated with the SAT, as well as to increase public awareness of what it takes to be eligible for the colleges and universities.  This event, hosted by Oakland native, SWAY Calloway, a national TV and radio personality, will feature local celebrities, college representatives, educational games, and more.

How can you support our efforts? As a person that is on the front lines every day with our students, we invite you to join us as a SuperSATurday Outreach Ambassador.  To learn more about the role of an outreach ambassador, please join us on:

Saturday, May 7th
10:00 – 11:30am
520 3rd St, Suite 109 Oakland, CA 94607

This brunch will:

  • Review the SuperSATurday mission and goals
  • Define your role as Outreach Ambassadors
  • Provide collaborative and networking opportunities

We hope that you are able to assist with our outreach efforts. Please RSVP to:
Semajh Bilaal, 510-614-3000, semajh@rtfisher.com or view the Evite at: http://new.evite.com/services/links/MB6OXGBL7A

We look forward to your attendance. For additional information on Choose College Educational Foundation Inc and SuperSATurday, please visit www.choosecollege4life.com.


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