Fostering a Safe and Caring Community 2011
Meeting Agenda Tuesday April 5th, 2011 at 9 am
Hayes Valley Learning Center
310 Haight Street

1)    Welcome and Introductions (2 minutes)

2)    John Muir Update- Richard (6 minutes)
a)     Identify track and support JM students in our entire partners after school programs.
b)     Outreach for Summer programs and reading workshop
c)     Upcoming Teacher Appreciation & Kinder & 5th grade promotion ceremony
d)     Next PTA Meeting Thursday April 7th at 9 am located in Parent Room 3rd floor rm 316

3)    Mo’Magic Update- Sheryl or Myke (10 minutes)
a)     Summer Planning/Schedule for Western Addition Youth
i)      Outreach, upcoming events & Mo`Magic Benefit Monday April 25th (pls see attached flier)
ii)    Immigration Law Advice Workshop Tuesday April 12th at 6pm (pls see attached flier)
b)     Next Meeting Thursday April 14th, 2011 at 11am located at AAACC 762 Fulton on 3rd floor

4)    Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services Report- Camille (2 minutes)
a)     Persian New Year Celebration tonight Thursday March 31st at City Hall

5)    Northern Police District Report (5 minutes)
a)     Captain Mannix Northern District update
b)     April Captains Community meeting Thursday April 14th at noon at Northern Station

6)    Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association update-Richard Johnson & Bob Barnwell (10 minutes)
a)     HVNA April 4th Public Safety Meeting at 7 pm  Special Guest City Attorney Herrera
b)     Next General Meeting Thursday April 28th at 7 pm located at Korean American Center 745 Buchanan (at Grove). Topics: Meet & Greet Supervisor Jane Kim
c)     Seeking community events, articles & calendar listings to post on blog & website contact  Friday April 1st Voice Deadline for late April, May & June edition

7)    Hayes Valley Playground  (2 minutes)
a)     Mosaic Installation April 8, 9, 10th additional info pls contact Madeline at or 863-2514.
i)      Seeking Youth and Adult volunteers to assemble & layout tiles.

8)    Western Addition Beacon Center Update-Marco (5 minutes)
a)     Program update, summer enrollment and upcoming events & activities

9)    CommunityGrows Update-Nora Brereton (6 minutes)
a)     Westside Court Garden Day Saturday April 2nd 10am-1pm (see attached flier for details)
b)     2011 programs, classes and upcoming events & activities

10) Rec Connect Update- Diane (2 minutes)
a)     2011 programs, classes, events & activities and summer enrollment
b)     Seed to Mouth Cooking Classes every Monday from 5-7pm all ages are welcome

11) SF SAFE update- Troy (2 minutes)
a)     2011 SAFE Program update & upcoming Safe’s Annual Fundraiser May 26th at 6 pm

12) LoHaMNA Update- Thea (2 minutes)
a)     Spring Art Walk this Friday April 1st from 6-9:30 pm additional info contact Thea at 309-9410

13) Announcements
a)     Please visit for MYEEP app deadline, Youth Summer Internships & Spotlight on the Arts summer youth internships and upcoming Western Addition events & activities.

Next Meeting April 19th, 2011 at 9:00 am at the Hayes Valley Learning Center 310 Haight Street


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