Do you know any older adults who have recently lost a loved one?

The following symptoms may indicate that normal grief has become depression.
ü Changes in sleep patterns
ü Constant fatigue
ü Weight loss or gain
ü Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
ü Feelings of low self worth and hopelessness

Our clinicians are available to provide supportive therapy for clients during the grieving process, psychoeducation, and behavioral interventions for depression. Please refer clients or community members for an immediate screening appointment. Services are offered at the Western Addition Senior Center at 1390 ½ Turk Street.

Eligibility: Adults 55+, no health insurance required.

Clinicians will reach out to your clients by phone to help make getting started easier:

Jeanine Seymour, MFTI: 415-624-3071,
Joanna Cheung, MFTI (English or Cantonese) 415-624-3069,

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