CityBuild Academy Orientation

Thursday, March 24
1:00 pm
Western Addition One Stop Center, 1449 Webster Street, SF

Pre-Apprenticeship Training
CityBuild Academy is a 16-week, highly structured pre-apprenticeship program with hands-on and classroom training designed to prepare residents for various skilled trades and jobs in today’s construction industry. The primary mission of CityBuild Academy is to offer San Francisco residents state-of-the-art introductory construction skills training that will prepare them for entry-level work in various skilled trades.
Eligibility and Assessment Requirements:
· San Francisco residency
· High school diploma or GED
· Valid CA driver’s license
· U.S. citizenship or proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.
· Ability to pass drug tests
· Ability to communicate effectively in English (ESL Level 4)
To learn more about CityBuild Academy and other services offered through the CityBuild program please attend a CityBuild Academy orientation. The schedule can be found on the OEWD website:

Construction Administration Training Program (CATP)
The Construction Administration Training Program at City College of San Francisco aims to provide office-based construction literacy and vocational skills training through classroom, active practice and internships, in preparation for applying for and working in Construction Industry back office and related jobs.
Eligibility and Assessment Requirements:
· 18 years old
· Authorized to work in the US
· ESL 7
· Familiarity with computer software
Individuals interested in CATP should attend a CityBuild Academy Orientation.  The Orientation schedule can be found on the OEWD website:




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