The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) – Workforce Division, seeks nomination for awards to be presented at the 2011 Workforce Development Forum, to be held April 12th and 13th in San Francisco, California.

The Workforce Division of OEWD is charged with coordinating workforce services for jobseekers and employers throughout the City of San Francisco. Our office concentrates it’s attention on building public-private partnerships that create and guide a continuum of workforce services that improve the economic vitality for people and businesses in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area.

This is the first annual workforce forum for the workforce development system in San Francisco.  The goals of this forum are to:

  • Share information on local, state and national workforce strategies and efforts
  • Showcase innovative ways to build strong, productive partnerships that encourage a cohesive and competitive workforce system for San Francisco
  • Understand in a deeper way how to effectively serve jobseekers from all backgrounds and meet the employment needs of businesses located in San Francisco
  • Highlight leading labor market trends and provide intelligence on the direction of the economy and industries that are growing

Award Nomination Process

OEWD seeks nominations for outstanding achievement in the following areas:

  • Workforce Partnerships – Collaborations that have resulted in programs or projects that effectively address workforce needs in San Francisco.  Such partnerships may include but are not limited to collaborations among; community based organizations, employers or the business community, labor unions/labor management partnerships, educational institutions or training providers, and/or other workforce system stakeholders.
  • Employer/Business – Local or regional employers that have demonstrated a commitment to investing in San Francisco’s’ workforce system and job seekers through innovative, effective recruitment and hiring practices and partnerships with local providers.
  • Job Seeker/Worker – Workforce system clients who exemplify outstanding achievement in utilizing the workforce system and/or programs to overcome barriers and achieve career or professional development goals.
  • Youth/Young Adult – Workforce system clients who exemplify outstanding achievement in utilizing the workforce and/or educational system to overcome obstacles and achieve educational, work experience, and/or professional development goals.

Nominations will be accepted through April 1st. All nominations must be submitted via email to Please use the nomination form, and provide all information requested.

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