The following is an important message from Takija T. Gardner, Director of the Western Addition Beacon Center, urging members of the community to attend an important community meeting regarding the future of Gateway Middle School at

John Muir Elementary
Wednesday, January 26 at 6pm

Hello Community Partners,

This email serves as a notification and invite to a very important community meeting that will take place on this Wednesday, January 26th, 6pm.

I was informed today that the district would like to place the 6th grade class from Gateway Middle School at Muir for next year. As I understand it, this involves the use of 5 rooms on the top level of our site. That would mean the use of three Beacon rooms. I do not know any details, but there is an important community meeting on Wednesday that I highly recommend you attend. It will be here at John Muir, at 6pm.

As a heads up, we will be advocating for the Beacon Office, Midlife Room and the Computer Lab, as we are expecting the full set-up of a new 21st Century Lab in February 2011. We will also be advocating for joint use of 3 other classrooms for the ASP, as it is a requirement of the ExCEL ASP Grant. It states that common spaces (cafeteria, gym, auditorium, etc.) is not to be used for the sole purpose of all activities. Per every 20 students a classroom should be assigned. The ASP is entitled to classroom space. I can not imagine running a full ASP out of the cafeteria or the auditorium. We serve over 100 K-5th grade participants on a daily basis. Can you imagine all 120 youth pilled into the cafeteria and/or auditorium trying to complete homework, engage in small reading groups and have no space for enrichment activities?

Please note that we are not totally opposed to the idea of the 6th grade class from Gateway MS, as it would allow the WA Beacon the opportunity to serve more 6th graders in our Middle/High School Program. However, we want to make sure that the WA Beacon and John Muir get the supports needed to function as a Community School.

Please come prepared to ask questions regarding short term/long term plans, supports that will be given to John Muir & Beacon, and to speak on behalf of the overall impact on the School.

In Community,

Takija T. Gardner, MPA
Western Addition Beacon Center Director
Buchanan YMCA
1530 Buchanan Street
San Francisco, CA 94115


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