Holiday season is a busy time for many merchants, as it is for many perpetrators of theft and fraud. Acts of fraud against businesses include credit card and check fraud, and many different scams. In the case of credit card fraud, the perpetrator often uses another person’s name and credit card (or credit card number). Sometimes the thief actually commits identity theft, by falsely using the stolen personal identifiers (DOB, Driver’s License No., etc.) that you examine to verify their identity.  The thieves also use common personal computers to generate counterfeit documents of identity, checks, and credit cards.  Both businesses and consumers are victimized by these crimes.

Certain types of crimes occur more frequently during the holiday shopping season. Robbers and thieves usually do not act at random, but by opportunity. They take advantage of people not demonstrating proper awareness and exercising safe habits.

Read more from Holiday Season Safety Tips Brochure by viewing:
Brochure of Merchants_&_Consumers_Holiday_Tips_2010 (pdf)

Call SAFE at 553-1984 or visit to arrange a security survey of your home, begin a Neighborhood Watch or give a safety presentation.

For emergencies or crimes in progress dial 9-1-1.  For non-emergencies dial (415) 553-0123.

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