Time:  6:00pm-7:00pm
When: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Where: African American Arts & Culture Complex

You are invited to attend a short presentation and give your feedback on a community-driven proposal for the restoration and re-use of the Muni Substation building located at the corner of Fillmore and Turk Street, in San Francisco.

Feasibility studies for urban development projects have often been used to justify the exclusion of local residents, businesses, and families in the name of economic feasibility (i.e. projects will only be successful if they target wealthier residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors from outside the neighborhood).  The Fillmore Substation Project, LLC aims to prove that assumption wrong by demonstrating the feasibility as well as the importance of developing a building with the interests of local residents and existing community stakeholders in mind.

The Fillmore Substation Project, LLC was established out of a collaboration of local residents, businesses and organizations, initially started by Brothers For Change and the African American Community Development Corporation, who wanted to ensure that the MUNI Substation building become an economic and cultural benefit to the local community and existing businesses.

Through a series of community workshops over the last year, several ideas were generated for how to reuse the MUNI Substation building in a way that will generate excitement and opportunity for local residents of all ages.  Through a technical assistance award and facilitation by the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, the project completed a preliminary feasibility study on the Urban Family Entertainment concept using four benchmarks: (1) Financial; (2) Market, (3) Capacity; and (4) Mission. We will be presenting this study next Wednesday along with our vision for the building, and would like to hear feedback from the community.

For more information contact Majeid at 415-424-0155 or fillmoresubstation@gmail.com.


View Flyer of Substation Community Meeting 11-17-10 (pdf)


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