“Living Beyond Limits” as personified by Nick Vujicic

In a serious effort to combat the racial tension, anti-progressive social norms, and culture wars which are rapidly transmitting the disease of hatred and its symptom of violence in the Bay Area, a concerned group of citizens including but not limited to ministers, politicians, school teachers, businessmen/women from varying backgrounds have decided to take the lead in restoring civility, safety, and peace to our communities. Reaching across boundaries of religion, culture, gender, age and sexual orientation, this distinguished group of citizens took a major step toward the stated goal in planning “Living Beyond Limits.”

Scheduled for November 13, 2010 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, “Living Beyond Limits” promises to be unprecedented in that it is an interracial, inter-gender, interfaith and interpersonal event designed to demonstrate the possibility of the “beloved community” about which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed and for which countless others live. More than a “public front” driven by corporate interest or a tax break-influenced show wholly funded by a citizen of wealth, this event serves as a venue for the promotion of the principles that must be adopted by and reflected within all citizens and institutions of the Bay Area.

The featured motivational speaker for the event is Nick Vujicic. Born without limbs (arms or legs), Mr. Vujicic, 26, has become an internationally renowned motivational speaker and an inspiration to people whose lives are constantly challenged with limits. We want our youth to learn how to grow up unafraid of limits whether imposed or innate, to value life, to respond to diversity with civility, and to difference with tolerance, therein acquiring a disposition necessary for good citizenship and productive living in a global community is the end toward which the coordinators and sponsors of this event aspire.

To get on board, pass the word on to others. Let them know they should not miss the November 13th event at:

8:00 p.m
St. Mary’s Cathedral
1111 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
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In addition to our motivational speaker, there will be live performers from the community and celebrity guests appearances. We expect this event to attract 5000 young people. To not exclude anyone, we are making this event free to the public; however, you will require a ticket to enter the event. To get your free admissions ticket, go to www.thirdbaptist.org or call 415-346-4426, Ext 0.

Tickets are FREE and available through Eventbrite. Tickets can also be secured by calling Third Baptist Church (415) 346-4426 ext. 0


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